Monday, 21 February 2011

64 Days to go - So much to do!!

Right....there's only 64 days to go and I still have so much to do and organize.
The last week I have felt a tad 'lost in the fray'. Not quite sure which way to turn, where to grab hold and where to let go.

A huge thank you goes out to all the hundreds of friends and supporters all over the world that came together in support of my expedition on my birthday. Over 200 emails from over 18 countries worldwide went out to Ewan and Charley from 'The long way round' and 'The long way down'.
Sadly, it doesn't look like I'll be receiving any reply from them. Even if just to say: "Sorry we can't help but good luck anyway". Which seems to be the standard reply.

But, I will just keep putting it 'out there'. :)

So far I have:
My bike (Luna), which needs a service and some parts replaced.
Nokia N8 handset - sponsored by Nokia
Outdoor gear - sponsored by Guy Pearce from JD group (sponsored in his private capacity)
Clothing - from Gravel Industries (Eastern Cape) and Apres Velo (Australia) - yet to be received from both though. Packages on their way.
Camelbak - sponsored by Clinton Poson
Multi-tool - sponsored by Laurinda Werners
Tent - sponsored by Hanret Snyman
Pannier bags and racks - sponsored by Picobella, the restaurant where I work at night. Though the price has gone up and I need to put in half myself (which I don't have) or source funding.

So I still need:
Video camera - (have contacted a few brands...still awaiting reply)
First aid kit - Including sature kit and malaria meds and test kit
Mini laptop (optional as I'm not sure whether I REALLY need it)
Bike gear - Tyres, lights, pump, service, parts, spares etc. (On 'Gear and Needs list')

And then there's the funding. In all reality, I don't need THAT much as I am only one person.
Though Visa costs alone can cost me up to anything between R45 000 and R50 000.
Then there's food and communications. Accommodation costs I do not need as I have a tent! :)

And between all of this I have to remember that I have competition now. :)
Which, in all honesty, I welcome with open arms.
It does push me a little harder of course. I mean, for over 3 years now I have been pursuing my dream. That's a long time. And as I have promised, come 27 April 2011 (Freedom Day), I will be setting out from Cape Town. Whether I have all I need or not.

I think what is most important is that I just START!

There are literally people from all corners of the globe rooting for me and trying to help where they can. This is very humbling and heart warming to me! People believe in me, and I cannot let them down. I cannot let myself down!

So now I will focus on a single item each week. This week will be First Aid.
I need a comprehensive first aid kit, including a sature kit, malaria tablets and a malaria test kit. As well as all the vaccinations I need before I can go. These cost a bit as well.

So if there's anyone out there that can help with that, please contact me.

Thank you to everybody out there for your unwavering love and support!

Little over two months to go!

The race for Africa is on!! :)

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Monday, 14 February 2011

I've got competition - It's a RACE!

So, about 3 weeks ago, I receive a Facebook message from one 'Charmaine Dudley'.

Message saying: "Hi Jolandie, a friend showed me your article in the Citizen newspaper. I am planning the exact same route, just the opposite way. So I guess we'll be in kind of a race. Which will make it more interesting".

Now to be completely honest, I was a bit panic stricken at first. For over three years this is what I have lived for. My dream of becoming the first woman to cycle around Africa solo. And here is someone threatening to take it away from me! Plus she was planning on leaving before me - on 22 February!! So I would have some 'catching-up' to do.

But once I got over myself I actually started to get a little excited. (A little competition never killed anyone) ;)

So I arranged to meet Charmaine (she lives like right around the corner from me - go figure!! lol)
We met up and had a great chat.

Charmaine has since decided that she will be leaving on 27 April 2011 @ 6am from Durban, going up the East Coast.

So we will be going in opposite directions.

It is now well and truly a RACE! :)
The scramble for Africa is on!


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Tuesday, 08 February 2011

Letter to Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman

Today, on my 27th birthday, friends and supporters from all over the world are rallying in support of what I hope to accomplish.

Today, over 250 friends from over 18 countries all over the world are asking you to help me.
Why you?

1.I have followed your journeys on ‘The Long Way Round’ and ‘The Long Way Down’, and know you are ‘adventurers’ at heart. I believe that you understand that yearning for the open road.
2.I believe that you can relate to sponsors letting you down because they don’t believe you will achieve what you set out to.
3.Out of all the organizations/companies/people I could’ve reached out to, I believe in you the most.

On 27 April 2011 I will set out from Cape Town, South Africa, to fulfill my dream of becoming the first woman to circumnavigate the entire African continent on a bicycle solo! I have made a commitment, and will launch whether I have everything I need or not.

I believe in reaching for the stars! With what I do I hope to connect, share, grow and learn with and from the people I meet all around Africa. And followers from all over the world. I hope to inspire people to live their dreams. No matter how big or small your dreams may seem. And for people to realize that we are more alike than different from one another.

This journey will see me traveling through 34 African countries and cover a distance of close to 40 000 kilometers.

For little over three years now I have been working at making my dream a reality.
In 2004 I cycled through Israel.
In 2008 I cycled through South Africa.
In 2010 I became the first person to have cycled around South Africa solo, covering a total distance of 5951 kilometers in 100 days.

I started planning my trip around Africa in October 2007. For over three years now I have been trying to show ‘potential sponsors’ that I am serious about achieving what I have set out to do then, by means of my trips through and around South Africa.

And for over three years now I have been turned down by countless companies because ‘they don’t believe I can do it’. It is seemingly impossible that a woman can cycle around Africa by herself.

So it is because I believe you guys can understand where I’m coming from that I am reaching out to you.

Friends are trying to help wherever they can with a piece of gear here, tyres there…even clothing from Australia! So yes, funding is the big spanner in the proverbial wheel.

And so, I am asking for your help.

Ewan and Charley, please help me.

Yours truly,

Jolandie Rust


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Friday, 04 February 2011

Nokia Supports My Expedition

This morning I picked up my brand new, beautiful Nokia N8!!

The Nokia N8 introduces a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon Flash, HD quality video recording, film editing software and Dolby surround sound. All in a beautiful, aluminium design.

What will I do with it?? Well.... ;)
This is my HUB. This little gadget is what will allow me to update you all with video clips, photos and blog updates whilst I'm on the road, busy making my way around the African continent.

With amazing applications, maps, gps, camera, HD's all I need and more!!

So a HUGE thank you goes out to the Nokia family.

And to Caryl Ramsden and Casey Monteiro at Fleischman-Hillard who made this happen!

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