Without the people on this list, my journey would not have been possible! Thank you!

To have YOUR name added to this list of amazing people and organisations, scroll down for sponsorship options or visit my SPONSOR A COUNTRY page.

Angola Leg

Hoteis Angola are my Angolan heros in more ways than one. They arranged the most awesome media awareness of the Angolan leg of my trip, they arranged for people to cycle with me and even had TV crews following me!! When Luna got taken from me just outside N'zeto, they immediately got the police and Zaire province government involved. Words cannot express my gratitude - you guys ROCK!! Thank you so much for your generosity!!

Namibia Leg

First National Bank Namibia saw to it that Luna and I flew through Namibia!! In lieu of this sponsorship I gave motivational talks at a number of schools and a number of FNB Namibia branches. This was a wonderful experience. Seeing a fire being ignited in so many eyes was incredibly rewarding. One of the objectives of my journey is to inspire people to follow their hearts and live their dreams. Thank you FNB Namibia for your financial support and for giving me an opportunity to re-enforce the reasons for my trip!


nokia_n8Nokia, what can I say? Without my snazzy N8 (and my trusted bike of course!) I would have been completely lost!! Not only do I now have the opportunity to stay in constant contact with loved ones and friends made along the way, but I can take the most amazing photos - many of which can be seen on my blog - and I have music for the quite moments! What pure joy!! Thank you so much!


I am the best dressed cyclist on the road!!

Après Vélo has made sure that I am a Biker Chic who's True Religion is the open road! And when I get Tyred and Cranky, I just rip that top off and slip into J'aime ma Bicyclette!! Je suis une belle Après Vélo Bici-Chic!! Merci Beaucoup!!

Après Vélo is the French for 'After Cycling'. So this is gear you can wear anytime, all the time. And trust me, I do!!

Après Vélo supports my expedition and so can you. Buy one of their amazing T's and Après Vélo will give 20% of the sale towards helping me on my journey around Africa. Just use MY LINK to check out their awesome gear, order your T-shirt... and wham, you've just helped fund my trip!!

Gravel Clothing, local adventure apparell inspired by Africa! 'It was created in the diamond fields of Western African and, shares some of the characteristics of this precious stone.' Off-road cycling gear at it's best!!

What's more: Use MY LINK to purchase your very own Gravel T-shirt and help fund my trip! All you have to do is purchase one of Gravel's awesome T-shirts, at 'Checkout' you include 'jolandie' (lower case) in the 'coupon code' field. YOU will get 10% discount on your purchase and Gravel will donate 20% of the purchase towards my trip!!!

Water Purification

A HUGE thank you to fellow adventurers Maria Botha and Liani Broodryk for sponsoring my water purification bottles! Maria Botha and Liani Broodryk from Ripples For Good are inspiring and motivating change in our waterways. It starts with YOU!"

Panniers and Racks

Picobella - The best in Italian cuisine in JHB! A HUGE thank you for sponsoring my panniers and racks!

Pop in for some fabulous Italian food and check out 'my wall'!!
66, 4th Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg, South Africa.
+27 11 482 4309.


Linden Cycles - Thank you so much for sponsoring me with all my cycling needs! I wouldn't have gone anywhere else!!! Janine and team: you guys are awesome!
63 3rd Avenue, Linden, Johannesburg, South Africa.
+27 11 782 7313.

Outdoor Gear

Guy Pearce - Heartfelt thanks for your immense generosity to personally sponsor all my outdoor gear!!

First Aid

ER24 - Emergency Medical Care made sure that I will be able to take care of myself in any medical emergency. Thank you so very much!!


Sanofi Pasteur SA - It may not have been a truly pleasurable experience and all those little jabs did leave me feeling rather ill for some time, but I am very grateful to you for each and every stamp in my previous yellow innoculation booklet! Without these I wouldn't have been able to enter many countries on my trip. Thank you for the pain!


CTI, thank you so very much for sponsoring me with a GoPro HD Hero Naked Camera. This assures that I will be able to keep you all updated with videos and photos of my experiences on my trip.

Self Defense

Tacmo, you guys may have given me the fright of my life one night, but I am assured that I will be able to handle any situation I might be faced with in future. Every kick, slap and knock was worth it!!


DrumzoneDrumzone's Gavin Bezuidenhout sponsed a pair of djembe drums. I will be carrying these drums with me whilst cycling around Africa. "Connecting, sharing, uniting through music!" Keeping the beat going!


Aquapac's generous discount of 50% on all their products ensures that the most important equipment will always be dry!!!

Why do I need your help?
I'm embarking on this journey without any ongoing sponsorship. Visas costs are my main expenditure and with these costing anything between R750 and R6,000 per country, the costs are crippling. I'm pretty self-sufficient in terms of accommodation as I am very happy to spend nights in my tent. My food costs have been cut to a minimum, as have my communication costs. However, these are essentials to make my trip possible.

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Account Name: Jolandie Rust
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Melville, Johannesburg
Account Number: 623 181 852 63
Branch Code: 25 65 05

For more details on donations, sponsorship or sponsorship benefits, please email Jolandie or La Domestique.

"It is important to reflect on the kindness of others. Every aspect of our present well-being is due to others' hard work. The buildings we live and work in, the roads we travel, the clothes we wear, and the food we eat, are all provided by others. None of them would exist but for the kindness of so many people unknown to us." ~ Dalai Lama