Saturday, 30 October 2010

Stuck On The Bike - Almost there!!

This time next week I will have spent a little over 29 hours on a stationary bike at Tyger Valley Shopping Center in Cape Town!!

The initial idea was that I would get on to a stationary bike and not stop pedaling until I had reached my target. BUT... a few difficulties surrounded that idea.

1. I might just still be on that bike this time next year!!! LoL
2. I couldn't secure a willing venue sponsor without having a set time period.

So, after a long discussion and some convincing from Hanret...I settled for 48 hours.

I was afraid that it wouldn't have the desired impact. That it wouldn't have that same WOW factor. I have since decided that I should have my head read! LoL
I guess it is because I always have to push the boundaries.
"Go big or go home" - that's how I feel.

I have worked hard at getting this together and have had a great deal of tremendous help from my amazing friends...old and new.
Friends having to go over my proposals, my press releases. Friends calling in favors to help me. Friend helping get banners designed, printed, flyers printed, paper sponsored, painting walls to raise awareness. Friends helping spread the word. Friends supporting me and encouraging me when I'm freaking out at the amount of stuff that needs to be done and thought of.

Friends - My friends...the best in the world!!!!

What needed to be done, has been done. And now...I hope. I hope people will support me and take part in helping me realize my dream. In helping Verity and her band record their future album. In helping to raise some money for charity.

In helping to make a difference.

I've been getting a particular question more often in the last week or so. At least once a day someone will ask me: "So? You excited yet?"...
I am very excited about the Africa trip. I have no doubt whatsoever that it is going to be an absolutely amazing journey and that I will achieve the goal I have set for myself.

For 'Stuck On The Bike' - I think I will start getting excited on Thursday evening/ Friday morning. Until then I am still focussed on spreading the word, making sure everything is in place, making sure I've thought of everything needed. The last few days before any big event is when I slip into 'silent mode'. I get very quiet and might even seem uninterested in everything around me. That is only because I slip into intense focus mode. Going over to do lists in my mind, thinking about the event ahead, dissecting all aspects of it.
It's like the night before you leave on holiday. You're busy packing and making sure you've made the necessary bookings, packed what you will need, filled the car's tank, checked the tyres, confirmed your accommodation etc.
Then when you get there you get to just enjoy it.

When I get there, when I'm on that bike...then I'll get to just enjoy it. :)

Clinton Poson, who sponsored me with a Camelbak, roped in his brother's help to get some banners printed for the event. He dropped them off earlier this evening and they are STUNNING!!! A huge thank you to them both!

Flyers are being printed in Cape Town. Friend got a friend to get a paper merchant to sponsor some paper and a printer to sponsor the printing. So we're having 1200 flyers printed.

The venue is sorted. The bike is sorted.
Media a bit slow on the uptake I will still try and get a few people on board to help spread the word until Friday.

All is just about sorted. :) Happy days!

I even got permission to take my 'little mascot' Hvir into the shopping center!!!! LoL
So next week Hanret, Hvir and myself will be driving down to Cape Town. Mother City...Ready or not, here we come! :D

For more information:
Stuck On The Bike
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Hello Africa

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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Stuck On Adventure!

11 Days to go for 'Stuck On The Bike'.

And only 109 Days before Launch for Africa!!!

I am getting very excited. Yes, there's still LOADS to do before 11 February...but that's okay. I know what I am capable of and I know it's going to be absolutely fantastic!!

So remember to visit: Verity's website or Hello-Africa to donate and get 2 CD's!!! And a percentage of funds raised will go towards helping a charity close to my heart. For more info also check out:
Stuck On The Bike
Facebook Group
Facebook Event

I have some exciting news, which I can't quite share just yet. But it will take this trip to a whole new level!
I am still waiting on a whole lot of potential sponsors to give me a definite 'yay' or 'nay'. I will tackle these once I get back from Cape Town and Stuck on The Bike.

We're leaving beginning of November. We're driving down. Hanret (my rock of support and one of my very best friends),Hvir (my 'little' mascot) and yours truly. Can't wait!!!! Counting down the days. And since I now have a better idea of what the venue actually looks like...I'm even more excited. It looks absolutely amazing!!!

Today is my 'creativity' day. My creative soul is shouting at me...I haven't been painting, writing, singing, quite a while. Just been sooo busy with everything else. But that's no reason for an excuse...I know.
So today I went off with my friend Telana Simpson, the Onematchstick girl and we got creative. Paint...spray paint...wall...can only mean one thing.
My graffiti was done in order to promote Stuck On The Bike.
Telana's to promote her Swarm Party.

Now I'm planning on losing myself in some drumming. Oh btw...I'm taking a drum with me around Africa!! ;)

Life is good...

"Get out of the pool of fear and take a swim in the ocean of possibility" - JR

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Tick Tick Tick

Tick - clock is ticking. Just two weeks to go for Stuck On The Bike. The thought sends butterflies dancing through my tummy!!! :D

Tick - I can now tick the first item off my needs list, officially!!! Thanks to my new friend Clinton Poson, I now have a Camelbak (See photo). So if nothing else...we know I'll be hydrated on this trip!!! LoL

Most of what is needed has been put into place for Stuck On The Bike. I just need to still try get someone who'd be willing to help me out with 2 banners and a few t-shirts maybe...sound/speakers for Verity and her band for when they perform and an extra laptop for people that want to donate on the spot. Wooohooo!! Almost there! *Happy Dance, Happy Dance*

We aim on getting 8000 people to donate, so will need all the help we can get.

So if you're in Cape Town over the weekend of the 5th of November, come say hello. Meet Verity..and meet Hvir, my little mascot. ;)

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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Lift Off!! :)

In Today's paper: Article

My previous trips were...ummm...not as well planned as my Upcoming Trip. ;)
So, with my trip through Israel, through South Africa and around South Africa, I never really felt the flurry of emotions I do now! It was very much a case of...get on the bike...and go. That's it. Don't think about it too much...just do it!

With only 18 days to go for Stuck on the bike and 116 days till D-Day, I find myself filled with excitement, anticipation, nervousness, happiness with a pinch of panic!!

There is SO much going on right now, it's hard to keep my head on straight at times!
Logistics, planning, gear, media, proposals, events, updates, waiting on answers, working two jobs, training (bit slack on this one...oops) :D

Talking to potential sponsors, journalists, editors, fellow adventurers, athletes, friends, supporters everyday. The amount of support people have been giving me, just puts me in a state of blissful numbness! Whenever I should feel I'm about to fall, there's always someone there to grab my hand and pull me back up! It is absolutely amazing! I am so unbelievably blessed and will never be able to adequately express my gratitude towards all those who support and love me!

A HUGE thank you to you all!!!!!

If you're on Facebook, have a look at my groups:
Jolandie Rust - Wild At Heart
Stuck On The Bike

On Twitter:

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Waiting Game

No, I'm not referring to either the song or the television show... ;)

I have now reached that point where, although a whole lot is going on and happening, I have to play the waiting game.
Waiting for answers, waiting for feedback, waiting for confirmation...waiting for rain. :)

Not that it's a bad thing entirely. It is just that it can get a tad frustrating at times.

Said I was taking the weekend off...which I did. Said I was going sailing...which I did. And man...did I get more than I bargained for?!?
Saturday started out with good wind, and 'moi' getting a crash course in "Sailing for dummies". :p
I am happy to report that I do not get sea sick!! Thank goodness. Even when mother nature put my 'adventurous spirit' to the test in 30 knots wind...I was as cool as a cucumber. I must admit, however, that I never realized just what hard work sailing can be! thinking I like this sailing business. Might just get myself a boat! But not now...I am CYCLING around Africa after all. :D

All this 'on the water' activity have inspired me! So I have decided I should make use of the rowing machine standing in the study...all on it's own. Poor thing. I've got as far as the kitchen!! Keep getting stuck there... LoL

So I have a big important exciting meeting tomorrow morning...and hopefully the waiting game will forfeit.

Only 23 Days to go to Stuck On The Bike! Please make sure to follow the updates and if you're in Cape Town...Please come say hello!!!! I'll have a lot of time to kill!

And if you're on Facebook, feel free to join my Facebook Group: "Jolandie Rust - Wild At Heart" for more updates and tidbits. (The group has now grown to nearly 1200 members!)

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Friday, 08 October 2010

Stepping It Up

I attended the first FEAT event last night in Johannesburg at the Wits University Theatre, organised by adventure racer: Lisa de Speville. And all I can say is WOW!!!! I am still on a high!! :D
FEAT stands for ---> Fascinating Expedition and Adventure Talks

12 Adventurers, speaking on a theme around their adventures, with a 7 minute time limit each. It was absolutely amazing and a roaring success!!

Knowing that I will leave on the biggest adventure of my life in just 4 months' time, excites me, makes me feel anxious, scares me a little and feels totally surreal.
But last night just got my passion running in over-drive!! :D

I got some great tips and advice from fellow adventurers, made a number of mental notes. And the one thing I realized is: Working hard is great...but next week I have to step it up!! There are still so much I have to organize and finalize...sleep in the next 4 months will be extremely limited!!

I'm giving myself this weekend to relax, gather my thoughts and plan. From Monday...there is no time for taking it easy or stalling on ANYTHING! Going away this weekend for the first time in, I don't even remember how long. Going sailing with 2 of my dearest friends. Long overdue.

So fun and relaxed weekend, then it's into over-drive. :)

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, 07 October 2010

126 Days to Go!!

With only 126 days to go to the launch of my dream (finally!), my excitement and anticipation is getting close to boiling point! :)

I still have a whole lot to do, organize and put together before D-Day.
There are, however, a few generous, caring, giving friends and supporters out there that have helped me with a few things on my Needs List:

Laurinda Werners is giving me a Leatherman multi-tool.
Clinton Poson have bought me a Camelbak Mule.
Custom made pannier racks are being made.

For the 'Stuck On The Bike' event: (with only 28 Days to go)

Tyger Valley Shopping Center is sponsoring the venue.
Virgin Active Tyger Valley is supplying me with the bike I'll be stuck on.
The event on Facebook now has 114 people 'attending' and 'maybe attending'. (I aim on getting 8000 people to support this event: to read more on how it will work click HERE)

I had an interview on the Afrikaans radio show: 'Radio Sonder Grense': You can listen to the interview online HERE.
(The dog you'll hear barking in the background, is my ridiculously adorable mascot 'Hvir'. She's a very good friend of mine's Great Dane and they will both be accompanying me to Cape Town for Stuck On The Bike) ;)

And although a number of the National South African newspapers have done stories on me, for the first time, one of the biggest papers in SA, The Sunday Times...will be publishing a story on me this Sunday! Very excited about that. Had the photographer here this morning taking pics and expressing his concerns! :D

There is a whole lot happening, though I can't really spill all the beans on account of so many pending feedbacks.

One thing is for sure though...come Friday 11 Feb 2011...I am launching from Cape Town at 11:02am. Whether I have everything I need, or not! :D

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