Saturday, 30 October 2010

Stuck On The Bike - Almost there!!

This time next week I will have spent a little over 29 hours on a stationary bike at Tyger Valley Shopping Center in Cape Town!!

The initial idea was that I would get on to a stationary bike and not stop pedaling until I had reached my target. BUT... a few difficulties surrounded that idea.

1. I might just still be on that bike this time next year!!! LoL
2. I couldn't secure a willing venue sponsor without having a set time period.

So, after a long discussion and some convincing from Hanret...I settled for 48 hours.

I was afraid that it wouldn't have the desired impact. That it wouldn't have that same WOW factor. I have since decided that I should have my head read! LoL
I guess it is because I always have to push the boundaries.
"Go big or go home" - that's how I feel.

I have worked hard at getting this together and have had a great deal of tremendous help from my amazing friends...old and new.
Friends having to go over my proposals, my press releases. Friends calling in favors to help me. Friend helping get banners designed, printed, flyers printed, paper sponsored, painting walls to raise awareness. Friends helping spread the word. Friends supporting me and encouraging me when I'm freaking out at the amount of stuff that needs to be done and thought of.

Friends - My friends...the best in the world!!!!

What needed to be done, has been done. And now...I hope. I hope people will support me and take part in helping me realize my dream. In helping Verity and her band record their future album. In helping to raise some money for charity.

In helping to make a difference.

I've been getting a particular question more often in the last week or so. At least once a day someone will ask me: "So? You excited yet?"...
I am very excited about the Africa trip. I have no doubt whatsoever that it is going to be an absolutely amazing journey and that I will achieve the goal I have set for myself.

For 'Stuck On The Bike' - I think I will start getting excited on Thursday evening/ Friday morning. Until then I am still focussed on spreading the word, making sure everything is in place, making sure I've thought of everything needed. The last few days before any big event is when I slip into 'silent mode'. I get very quiet and might even seem uninterested in everything around me. That is only because I slip into intense focus mode. Going over to do lists in my mind, thinking about the event ahead, dissecting all aspects of it.
It's like the night before you leave on holiday. You're busy packing and making sure you've made the necessary bookings, packed what you will need, filled the car's tank, checked the tyres, confirmed your accommodation etc.
Then when you get there you get to just enjoy it.

When I get there, when I'm on that bike...then I'll get to just enjoy it. :)

Clinton Poson, who sponsored me with a Camelbak, roped in his brother's help to get some banners printed for the event. He dropped them off earlier this evening and they are STUNNING!!! A huge thank you to them both!

Flyers are being printed in Cape Town. Friend got a friend to get a paper merchant to sponsor some paper and a printer to sponsor the printing. So we're having 1200 flyers printed.

The venue is sorted. The bike is sorted.
Media a bit slow on the uptake I will still try and get a few people on board to help spread the word until Friday.

All is just about sorted. :) Happy days!

I even got permission to take my 'little mascot' Hvir into the shopping center!!!! LoL
So next week Hanret, Hvir and myself will be driving down to Cape Town. Mother City...Ready or not, here we come! :D

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Hvir said...

What!!! Am I going to Cape Town???

Jolandie Rust said...

We were planning on keeping it a secret...sorry! Well now the cat is out of the bag...or all 5 of them. ;-)