Thursday, 07 October 2010

126 Days to Go!!

With only 126 days to go to the launch of my dream (finally!), my excitement and anticipation is getting close to boiling point! :)

I still have a whole lot to do, organize and put together before D-Day.
There are, however, a few generous, caring, giving friends and supporters out there that have helped me with a few things on my Needs List:

Laurinda Werners is giving me a Leatherman multi-tool.
Clinton Poson have bought me a Camelbak Mule.
Custom made pannier racks are being made.

For the 'Stuck On The Bike' event: (with only 28 Days to go)

Tyger Valley Shopping Center is sponsoring the venue.
Virgin Active Tyger Valley is supplying me with the bike I'll be stuck on.
The event on Facebook now has 114 people 'attending' and 'maybe attending'. (I aim on getting 8000 people to support this event: to read more on how it will work click HERE)

I had an interview on the Afrikaans radio show: 'Radio Sonder Grense': You can listen to the interview online HERE.
(The dog you'll hear barking in the background, is my ridiculously adorable mascot 'Hvir'. She's a very good friend of mine's Great Dane and they will both be accompanying me to Cape Town for Stuck On The Bike) ;)

And although a number of the National South African newspapers have done stories on me, for the first time, one of the biggest papers in SA, The Sunday Times...will be publishing a story on me this Sunday! Very excited about that. Had the photographer here this morning taking pics and expressing his concerns! :D

There is a whole lot happening, though I can't really spill all the beans on account of so many pending feedbacks.

One thing is for sure though...come Friday 11 Feb 2011...I am launching from Cape Town at 11:02am. Whether I have everything I need, or not! :D

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