Wednesday, 29 September 2010

36 Days

36 Days to go for 'Stuck On The Bike'!

134 Days to D-Day for Africa!

The Facebook Support Group has now grown to almost 1100 members.
Stuck On The Bike supporters are now up to 100. (Though I am aiming to get 8000)

My supporting audience has now grown to, mainly, the following countries:

South Africa (of course) ;)
United Kingdom
New Zealand
United States

Wonderful! :)

Concerning my Needs List: (generously donated by followers and supporters - Thank you very much!!)
* Custom made carrier racks
* Leatherman multi-tool
* Camelbak

Training has come to a halt as I'm fighting off a mild case of food poisoning and there are a lot of changes happening in and around me. (Not because of the food poisoning) :D

But - all is well and I am as happy go lucky as ever. ;)

There are still a lot to be ticked off on my ever growing to-do list. But I am getting there. I have achieved a helluva lot in the last month, though as happy as I am with that, I keep reminding myself that NOW is NO time to lay slack!! Now is the time to push harder than ever!

I have a couple of meetings this week with different people on discussing possibilities concerning potential media partners. So will keep you all appraised.

One day at a proverbial foot in front of the other!

Facebook Group
Needs List

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