Thursday, 09 September 2010

154 Days To Go

I actually had a bit of a fright when I logged onto my blog today and realized I only have 154 days before I launch from Cape Town.

Somehow, in some way, I have come to convince myself that I still have loads of time left. Ummmm....or not.
Now I know 154 days might sound like ample time, but in reality 5 months is not a helluva lot of time to get things organised for a project of this size.

I mean, I still have so much to do!
It is more a 'somber panic' than an outright flat spin! :)
More of a little nudge from myself to myself.

I know I just have to keep focussed, keep at it everyday, keep doing what I have to do and on D-day I will be ready.

I promised myself I'd be back in the gym for at least an hour every morning this week, but have to confess that this has not materialized yet. I have to get used to my new daily routine as I am now working on the trip during the day and working at a restaurant from 3pm in the afternoons till 11/12pm at night.

Feeling a bit sapped of energy. But will get used to it soon, I'm sure. I have worked ridiculous hours for most of my life, so just have to get into it again. :)

Need to really just keep pushing now.

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