Saturday, 18 September 2010

Time Flies!

Five months.

Five months until I embark on what is sure to be the journey of a lifetime!
Just that thought sends this burst of energy right through me. 144 days to go!
Wow. At times it does feel a bit unreal. But the closer I get to that date: 11-02-2011, the more excited I get. :)

For those who do not know or haven't noticed yet, there is a reason I chose that specific date. One, it's in the same month as my birthday. 3 days after my birthday to be exact. :)
And two, you'll notice it's an ambigram. I have a thing for puzzles, games, riddles, quizzes and things that incline one having to use one's brain. :)

I have these images in my mind about what D-day will be like. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt I'll at least have a few friends there. I rode from Cape Town to Springbok last year, so know what to expect in terms of typography. I have a good idea of what to expect weather wise (HOT HOT HOT). The heat I can handle, I know that much. The highest temperature I've ever cycled in - 47 degrees Celsius.

From Springbok onwards, I have no idea of what to expect. In terms of surroundings and weather, yes, I have an idea of what to expect there. But in terms of experience, well...we'll just have to wait and see. :) The unknown excites me rather than scare me.

In my mind, once I cross that border...there is NO way I am turning back.
Up until that border, it is still familiar territory and I am still 'home'.

Beyond that border, it's just me, my bike, and Mother Africa - the birthplace of humankind!

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