Sunday, 26 September 2010

Countdown Excitement

With two different countdowns currently happening in my life, excitement topped with anticipation and drizzled with a touch of trepidation fills me. (Guess who's been watching cooking shows) :D

Stuck On The Bike is coming along nicely. Hard work and perseverance has payed off nicely...though now the trick is to not lay slack.
There are currently just over 80 people either 'attending' or 'maybe attending' the event on my Facebook group. Now I just need to multiply that by a hundred!!

The beauty of this event is that you do not have to physically 'attend' this event to attend. If that makes any sense in its obscurity. :D
It is quite simply as follows:
You can 'attend' by quite simply donating R100. For your R100 you will then receive Verity Price's next CD - "From Africa With Love" as well as a bonus 'commemorative' CD at the end of my trip around Africa.
You can visit this page to do so -----> Online Page (Remember to include 'Jolandie Rust' in the 'Company' field on the online ordering form)

Those who do not live in South Africa will receive an exclusive download of the album.

So with only 4 months to go till I launch for my mammoth journey around Africa and only 40 DAYS till 'Stuck on The Bike'...I find myself in a very calm space, strangely enough.

Maybe it's just because it's Sunday and Sundays are my 'lazy' days.
Tomorrow might prove to be very different. :)

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