Monday, 06 September 2010

Effort Equals Results

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I posted a saying to my Facebook today that goes: "If you wish to reach success, you need to not only BELIEVE in yourself and your capabilities...but quite simply KNOW it!"

I have come to really believe (Sorry...KNOW) :p this over the past couple of months.
I have always subscribed to the notion of 'Creative Visualization'. I try and avoid negative thinking, I do what I like to call - 'magical manifesting meditation' every night before I go to sleep. But have learned that apart from thinking and believing and visualizing, one needs to also 'act'.

No use in thinking: "I believe I'm going to win the lotto, I believe I'm going to win the lotto.." and then you don't buy a ticket.

I know I am capable of completing this trip around Africa. I know it won't always be easy and there will be times when I might break down in tears, throw my bike to the ground, maybe even curse in my video diary...but more than anything...I KNOW I can do this. I have been acting on this 'knowing' with great fervor.

Results are starting to show, though as patient an individual as I am...I do not have patience when it comes to this trip. I try my very best to be patient for replies and responses...
I just want things to happen and get sorted NOW. :D

Like for instance: I have made contact with people in 7 of the countries I will be travelling through...which is a wonderful result in a week's time. But it's like I have this unreasonable expectation that when I send requests to 1000 people in one day...they will all reply the same day! Yeh right. This is Africa after all with it's own idea of how time works.

I am now registered, and have created completed profiles on almost a dozen online travel sites. It's getting hard to keep track of all the sites I am on. LoL
Now all I need to do is be active on all this sites (not like it takes time) and rack up a whole lot of contacts in all the countries I will be travelling through. So that's ONE of the things on my growing to-do list. Oi vey!!! :D

I am also starting a new job from tomorrow where I will be working from 3pm in the afternoons to around 11pm at night.

I aim at getting back in the gym from tomorrow...train at least an hour a day. I have never trained for any of my trips, but have decided I would actually like to not have to suffer through the first couple of weeks so much this time round.

And then I still need to organise: Outdoor gear, cycling gear, medical stuff, communications equipment, visas, new passport, 2 fundraisers, launch event....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

As they say: "Sleep is for sissies". (And once again we would all like to know who 'THEY' are????)

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