Thursday, 02 September 2010

161 Days To Go!

The days are ticking by, the to do list is just mutating into something out of a nightmare (hehe...not quite that bad but overwhelming at times) and I find my brain just going into 'hibernation' mode.

There's so much to do, so many people to contact, so much to keep abreast of...EISH! (For my non South-African audience: Eish means: An expression of surprise, wonder or frustration here in Mzansi)okay okay (Mzansi = A popular word for South Africa)

A little lesson on South African lingo. ;)

On the upside: My Facebook group has now grown to almost 1000 members!!! Yes, minute in the greater scale of things...but it excites me okay! LoL :)

I have also joined and written on all the pages of the countries I will be travelling through on facebook and have been getting some feedback.

I now have contacts for Namibia, DRC, Gabon, Morocco and Tanzania.

I also might have two fundraising events coming up in'll know when I know.

Oh...and I finally told my dad today that I'm leaving on the 11-02-2011 to cycle around Africa. I will refrain from posting his reply here!!! :d

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Hanret said...

I think your blog is stunning, not to mention your dedication and commitment to achieving this wonderful dream. Hang in there, it will all come together!