Wednesday, 01 September 2010

Spring Is Here!

I must admit, I am more of a spring and summer person than autumn and winter.

I can handle heat, this I know from cycling through Israel.

I remember at one point we stopped for a break just short of the Dead Sea. We had very little money with us...but thought it well spent on ice-cream and copious amounts of Coca-cola!! LoL I was so exhausted and decided to take a nap in the shade underneath a palm tree next to a camel...when I woke up (pretty sure the camel woke me) I was soaked in perspiration and on my phone's thermometer it read 47 degrees Celsius!!! (115 deg Fahrenheit)

So heat I can handle. Cold - I'd rather not.

It would seem I am pretty intent on letting the WHOLE of Africa know who I am and what I am doing/planning on doing. I went on just about every facebook page of every country I plan on travelling through. Joined each page and messaged the members. (Or rather wrote on the wall). Hey...every bit helps!

And if I have to tell a BILLION people about who I am and what my dream is in order to make that dream a reality...then I will do it!

I should be back in the gym, 5 days a week this week.
Have been to the gym for the last two days.

Having been sick, on and off, for almost 3 months sort of kept me away from the gym.

Plus I have to get saddle fit again!!! Ouch. Hehehehe.

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Jaco Strydom said...

Getting "fit" or rather building the endurance base for an adventure like this is really the most difficult part of the adventure in my experience. Shout if you need to train with somebody who needs to put in the big miles with a heavy pack.


Jolandie Rust said...

Thanks! I have to say, in all honesty, that I have never trained for any of my trips. Pretty much a case of getting 'tough' on route. LoL. What I DON'T want to do this time is not be saddle fit beforehand. Just not a pleasant experience. Thanks for the offer...will definitely shout if I need help! :-)

Jaco Strydom said...

It makes a lot of sense to have the old human-bike interface sorted. If you start your tour with 5 tough 12+hour 100+km days, a solid endurance base is just making the trip more enjoyable.