Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Organizing, Organizing, Organizing...

Okay, so today I've been following up on contacts made yesterday. Replying to messages sent to me on facebook and mail etc, fellow adventurers coming from all over the world. Crazy! But wonderful. :-)

Thank goodness for Google translate! People must think I am a very talented linguist as I've received messages in French (of which I know a LITTLE bit) and dutch ex. Mirjam Wouters, a fellow adventure and cycling enthusiast. (which I can mostly understand, seeing as my mother tongue is Afrikaans). But still!

I can say, however, that I am updating my French. With the wonderful help of a very good friend of mine (who I am sure I drive insane sometimes) :-) ...and watching Euro news in French. And audio CD's.

Today I sent a query to Trappers Trading, on potential sponsorship for outdoor gear. Also to Netcare for medical requirements and Shoprite for food requirements. So we'll see.

Aaaaaanndddd...SO very excited about the upcoming fund raising event. Can't wait to make it public. Just have to secure a venue. Mmmmmmm....

Okay, now I've used up my productivity quota for today...will continue tomorrow.

Thank you everybody for all the wonderful support!!

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