Friday, 27 August 2010

170 days to launch!

I am just unbelievably amazed at all the messages of support I have been receiving!!

People messaging me on Facebook, on Twitter, emailing me, phoning me...just because they want to help in any way they can!

I always have this intense urge to be able to repay all the kindness I have received. Although I know that, personally I will never be satisfied in repaying all the people who are supporting and helping me no matter how hard I try. So I have now told myself that the best way to thank everybody out there is for me to just do this thing.

To go out, live my dream...and not hold back. Because when I arrive back in Cape Town with a SERIOUS tan and maybe half the woman I used to be, that will be enough. Having achieved something amazing, and giving hope to others in doing the same!

Verity Price, a well known South African musician, offered to donate R25 to me for every one of her CD's sold today on Facebook. Verity is well known for being the first musician in South Africa to sell her CD's before the CD's existed! Verity ; My Group On Facebook

I also posted my plans onto TheHubSA and have been receiving great support from my fellow cyclists in South Africa. We might be planning a mass cycling send off, when I start in Cape Town!

I have also been receiving numerous messages around people busy with, or having done similar adventures!! I have been in contact with some of these people and it just excites me to no end to hear their stories!

Makes me want to jump on my bike right away!!!

So to every single caring giving soul out there who has contributed in any way, Thank You!!! From the very bottom of my heart!! Thank you soooo much!

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