About Jo

I have a dream. A dream to be the first woman to circumnavigate Africa. Solo.

I was born a dreamer. I don’t subscribe to society’s rules and have always believed in possibility. If you can dream it you can do it.

Since I can remember I have always wanted to do something BIG with my life. I never knew what that was until October 2007, when I decided that I wanted to be the first woman travel around the entire African continent, on my own.

Why? I'm still figuring that out. I don't think any of us, ever, has it 'all figured out'. I am following my heart, without question. Where it will take me? Who knows...
I started out with cycling.

For now, it's leading me around the African continent. In my mind, right now, this journey is about learning, growing and experiencing all that comes my way on this trip.

Starting April 2011 I cycled up to Northern Angola. 
Here an unfortunate event opened a whole new world of opportunity for me. I have since moved from the cycle touring discipline into motorcycle touring. 

  • I love music, travel, books, art, food, the outdoors, wildlife, adventure, Africa, my friends, movies and Hvir (The Greatest Dane in the World),
  • I play the guitar, djembe drums, bit of piano and didgeridoo
  • I sing and write some of my own music. (Though I haven't been involved in music since I started planning my African adventure.)
  • I enjoy cooking and experimenting with food.
  • I enjoy the good things in life: Good food, good red wine, good friends.
  • I am a down-to-earth-fun-loving-caring-gutsy-free spirited-wild-at-heart kind of gal with a good sense of humor and a philosophical flare. 

Previous cycling adventures I've completed include:
2004 - Cycling through Israel
2008 - Cycling from Johannesburg to Cape Town (South Africa)
2010 - First person to cycle around South Africa, solo

Next up:
Starting 2011 - Riding around Africa on my Kawasaki KLR 650