Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Stuck by a needle...or 10!

I am just so unbelievably grateful that this has now been sorted.
The previously 'seemingly-never-ending-to-do-list' is now actually starting to shrink!
YAY!!! :D

I received all my vaccinations today.

My appointment was with Sister Linda Crause at the Northcliff Travel Doctor Clinic. (Organised by Sanofi Pasteur)
She was absolutely wonderful. First thing she did was hand me a map of Africa and said: "Show me your route".
After which she took out the vaccination form and starting ticking them off. (And the ticking went on until it seemed like she had ticked off the entire list!!!)

She was extremely helpful and very gentle. :) (thank you Linda!!) LoL

And even gave me malaria tablets as well as 5 malaria test kits and treatment course!
Talked me through everything I might need.
How awesome is that!?!?

So I received the following shots:
* Cholera
* Typhoid
* MMR (Mumps, measles, rubella)
* Meningitis
* Tetanus, polio
* Hepatitis A
* Hepatitis B
* Rabies
* Influenza
* Yellow fever

OUCH!!!!!!!! :D
So now I just have to go back in a week's time and again in two weeks' time for 3 follow up shots.

A HUGE HUGE thank you to both Sanofi Pasteur and the kind, helpful people at Northcliff Travel Doctor Clinic!

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Launch Details

Launch Date: 27 April 2011 (Freedom Day)
From: Vida e Caffe, Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Time: From 8am

Vida e Caffe will be hosting my launch!!! Yay!!! :D

And what's more is that they are sponsoring Quattro Muffins!!! Double Yay! ;))

So, come join me and have a coffee:

And a free muffin:

And enjoy a bit of drumming!
Yes, drumming!! :D

Drumming friends are coming from all over to give me my ultimate send off!
So if you happen to have a drum....bring it with! And if you have drummer friends in Cape Town...bring them with as well! ;)

At around 10am/ 11am, I will then set off towards Malmesbury via the N7.

Seeing as it's 'Freedom Day'...dress code =

:)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :))


Looking forward to seeing you all there! :)

If you have any queries...just drop me a mail. ;)

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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Vaccinations Sorted!

Thank goodness!!!
This was something I was a little stressed out about. Seeing as some of these vaccinations are compulsory is some/most of the countries I will be traveling through.

But thanks to the power of social networking, it's all sorted now.

Although ER24 is sponsoring my first aid kit, they unfortunately could not help with vaccinations. Which I understand.

I put out a little 'distress call' on my social profiles.
Within 2 minutes I had received a referral from a follower (Steven Lea) on Twitter, with contact details for one Engela Fernandes at Sanofi Pasteur. I immediately contacted Engela, who then took it further.
Her manager, Garth Littlewood, then got in contact with me on Friday, and voila! All is sorted.
So I should be getting ALL the needed vaccinations this week.

I still find it all rather amazing. You put something out there, and instantly you get connected to so many people!
I never knew of Sanofi Pasteur's existence, but will definitely always remember that name now! :)

Thank you to every single individual out there helping to make my dream a reality!

"I am because you are" - Taken from my good friend Sonja Kruse a.k.a 'The Ubuntu Girl'.

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

My Drums

From the moment I conceptualized my dream of wanting to be the first woman to circumnavigate the African continent on a bicycle, music (especially drums) played an integral part.

I consider music to be a tool.
One you can use to - cheer yourself up, express emotions, express creativity, connect with others.
Music has great power. We all know that.
And it is with this in mind that I take my two new Djembe drums with me on my trip around the Mother Continent.

The idea is to use these drums as a means to connecting with the people I come across on my journey. There will be times where I will not be able to understand a language in a certain area I find myself in. With the drums, it just makes it a little easier.
It's also meant to show people that "I come in peace". ;) "I want to connect with you, share with you, learn from you".

Drumming has always been something I am very passionate about. It's something buried deep within my being. I can't really explain it. All I know is: When I hear the call of the drums, I follow.

Thanks to Gavin Bezuidenhout, from The Drum Zone, I now have my djembe's that I will be carrying with me.
They're small (Gavin gave me the choice of any size drum), but in all reality it just wouldn't be practical for me to take even slightly bigger drums. With all the gear I will be carrying, size and weight really starts becoming an issue.

I have no doubt, however, that I will take on more instruments as I go along. Maybe even swapping out with people I meet along the way. Who knows. :)

So now I still need to think of names for my companions.
As most of you know by now, my bike's name is 'Luna'.
Any suggestions welcome! ;)

Also - should you happen to find yourself in the Cape Town (Camps Bay to be more specific) are around the 27th April (Freedom Day), come say goodbye as I launch from Vida e Caffe! Join us for a coffee. And if you have a drum, bring it with. There will be drummers from all over joining in, in wishing me 'bon voyage'. :D I couldn't not wish for a better send-off. It is going to be absolutely fantastic! (more info to come)

So I just really want to say THANK YOU, to Gavin Bezuidenhout, for sponsoring my drums! You have no idea what an important role they are going to play on this journey!
Thank you so much!

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Gear Needs List Complete

So my seemingly-never-ending gear needs list is finally complete!!! Yay! (Only took 3 years ;))

It is just the most beautiful sight. Looking at the list, with all the lines struck through it. All the individuals/companies that have invested in my project. Absolutely fantastic!

Just look at it - I'm sure you'll get the same of ....accomplishment. :)


* 4 Season One Man Tent (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
*Multi Fuel Camping Stove (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
*Petzl Headlamp (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
*Water Purification Tablets (Being sponsored by Ripples For Good)
* The North Face Roadrunner 23 Tent (Being sponsored by Hanret Snyman)
* Solar Charger Panel (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
* Zip-off Cargo Pants x 4 (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
* Hiking/Outdoor Jacket (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
* Hiking Sandals (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
* Panniers and Racks (Being sponsored by Picobella)
* Clothing (Being sponsored by Apres Velo, Australia)
* Cycling Waterproof Raincoat
* Cycling Gloves (1x Full, 1x Cut-Off, size Medium)
(Being sponsored by Apres Velo)
* Tubes x 4 (Schrader Valve) (Being sponsored by Apres Velo)
* Multi-valve pump (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Helmet (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Multi-purpose pedals (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Repair kits x 6 (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Lube (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
*Chainrings (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* 9 Speed Cassette (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Saddle (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* 1 x Lock (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Spare brake cable set (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Schwalbe Tyres (Being sponsored by Antoinette Morgan)
* Spare Chain (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Spare Brake Pads x 4 pairs (V-brakes, hex nuts)(Being sponsored by Apres Velo)
* Spare spokes (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Comprehensive First Aid Kit (Being sponsored by ER24)
* Malaria Test Kit (Being sponsored by ER24)
* Malaria Tablets (Being sponsored by ER24)
* Vaccinations(Being sponsored by ER24)
* Video Camera (Being sponsored by CTI)
* Phone (Being sponsored by Nokia)

<-------------------------- "So is that it? Are you done now? Are you ready to go?" - I hear you asking.

Well not quite. :(


Funding for Visas, food, communications etc are still needed.
And for this I have devised a very creative and more lateral approach toward sponsorship.

Have a look at this page: Sponsorship Opportunities

This is all I still have to sort out. At this stage I am launching on the 27th April from Cape Town, without any funding.

So - should you know of any individual/companies/potential mad people that might be interested in helping in any way...please shout. ---->

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Smart Sponsorship :)

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to sourcing corporate sponsorship has been the mere fact that I am an individual. (Received that feedback from a potential (not anymore) sponsor just today for the umpteenth time)

Had this been a 'group effort', my life would've been made a whole lot easier.

But, alas, I AM an individual.

When it comes to funding, I have always maintained that as long as I can source enough funding just to start with, I will be okay.
That being said, there are a few, rather important, aspects to this expedition that will require actual funding.

*Communications (Airtime)

Accommodation - I have a super cool tent thank you very much to my friend Hanret Snyman.

So to make this affordable to any interested parties - sponsorship will run on a monthly basis.

I aim on completing this expedition in 2 years (which would earn me the grand title of, not only first woman to circumnavigate Africa on a bicycle solo, but also in the fastest time)
Though, I am basing the sponsorship outlay on a 30 month period. (2 and a half years - you never know)
(Regardless of whether the world will end in 12/2012 or not) ;)

This is how it will work:

Company ------> Sponsors ZAR5000 (+/- USD700) -----> I market your company for that month

So for example:
* Your company sponsors me for the month of May 2011. For that entire month I will then market your company through mentions on my blogsite, videos, social media (Facebook, Twitter etc)

For one month/ ZAR5000/ USD700 - you get to help me, and in return I tell the whole world about your company and you will forever remain part of a 'world first' expedition. (I.O.W - being the first woman in history to cycle around the entire African continent)
And for that month I get to eat, cross borders, and keep in contact with the outside world. (Thereby not lose my mind!!!) :D

You will remain listed as a sponsor on my site - for as long as that site exists.

Funding starts from April 2011 through September 2013
Should you/your company wish to sponsor more than 1 month - by all means.

1) April 2011 -
2) May 2011 -
3) June 2011 -
4) July 2011 -
5) August 2011 -
6) September 2011 -
7) October 2011 -
8) November 2011 -
9) December 2011 -
10) January 2012 -
11) February 2012 -
12) March 2012 -
13) April 2012 -
14) May 2012 -
15) June 2012 -
16) July 2012 -
17) August 2012 -
18) September 2012 -
19) October 2012 -
20) November 2012 -
21) December 2012 - (World ends according to Mayan calender - but we carry on anyway)
22) January 2013 -
23) February 2013 -
24) March 2013 -
25) April 2013 -
26) May 2013 -
27) June 2013 -
28) July 2013 -
29) August 2013 -
30) September 2013 -

For any interested parties: Please contact me on -

Thank you :)

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Monday, 07 March 2011

Only 50 Days to go!!

Everyday my heart starts beating a little faster and faster.

If you've ever done something extreme in your life like skydiving or bungee jumping etc, you'll be able to understand that feeling you get just before you 'jump'.
Butterflies fluttering around in your stomach, your heart racing, struggling to breathe.

That is the place where I am at now. I can feel myself shuffling closer and closer to that JUMP.
Running around in my mind to make sure that I haven't forgotten anything.
Making sure international orders for gear have been placed and are on their way.

Keeping track with affairs around Africa. Protests, border closures etc.

Waiting for people to get back to me on articles, potential sponsors etc etc.
It's all just a little chaotic.

Last night Hanret and I sat until around 2am in the morning doing online shopping for a whole bunch of my gear.
Tent (Sponsored by Hanret), Outdoor gear (Sponsored by Guy Pearce) - Clothing, MSR multi-fuel camp stove and bottles, headlamp, clothing, solar charger (Powermonkey explorer) etc.
As well as my pannier bags and racks (Sponsored by Picobella) - Ortlieb panniers and Old Man Mountain racks. Wateproof casing for my Nokia N8 (Sponsored by Nokia) has been purchased through - UK (Aquapac is giving me 50% discount on all purchases)

Clothing has been received from Apres Velo, with more to come. As well as clothing from Gravel Clothing.

I am currently undergoing advanced tactical training / hostile environment training, sponsored by Tacmo.
Saturday was my first day of training. Suffice it to say that I could hardly move on Sunday! :D
These guys won't take it easy on me...and I rather prefer and am grateful for that. Just one day's training has already given me more confidence and a mental advantage!

ER24 is sponsoring me with a comprehensive first aid kit, including malaria prevention meds and test kit. And a comprehensive contact list for medical assistance in all the countries I will be traveling through.

I am currently waiting to hear about potential GoPro camera sponsorship.

All that's left is my bike. Service, a few parts replaced, spares, and a few 'small' items. Tubes, tyres, gloves, pump, lock, helmet, repair kits etc.

This is serious countdown time! :)

Launch day is 27 April 2011, from Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.
I'll be launching from Vida e Caffe in Camps Bay.
This will be a fun, group ride event. Anyone and everyone welcome!

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Thursday, 03 March 2011

Undergoing Tactical Training

As of this Saturday, 5 March, I will be undergoing advanced tactical training.

This all came about after I received a call from Bernard from Tacmo.

They heard my interview on 5FM (Listen to interview HERE)and was particularly interested when they heard my comment about sponsors who are reluctant to come on board because of the risk involved. My wanting to cycle around Africa solo seems to risque to a number of potential sponsors.

So Tacmo has offered to give me full advanced tactical training.
They were registered and established in 2009 and they're situated in Pretoria, Gauteng.
Little more on Tacmo:

TACMO Tactical Training Solutions provides the highest quality, proven tactical training to the community, members of community policing forums, members of home owners associations, community Safety and Protection initiatives, reservist of the South African Police Service, members of the Metropolitan Police Service, members of the rural and urban protection initiatives residing in rural areas (Plots and Farming Communities), Security personnel in their own capacity, and members of Paintball Marker Teams playing in major leagues.

Our extensive market research program has shown that public safety has not been addressed as it should have been. Some companies rendering security services have also been, with all due respect, rated inferior concerning operational tactical training and tactical combat proficiency. We saw the need to promote the ideal and to assist in protecting and saving lives by means of providing the best tactical training (developed and adopted by the SAPS Special Task Force) locally available.

Our instructors are highly trained tactical and street survival techniques specialists and are registered with the South African Safety and Security Educational Training Authority (SAS-SETA) as Educational Training and Development Facilitators (ETD), Assessor and Moderators in an extensive range of Unit Standards related to the policing environments. We also have registered Range Officers which can assist on SABS/SAPS approved shooting ranges if the need arises to use firearms with sharp point ammunition for exercise purposes.

The TACMO Team is dedicated in providing the best known and sought after tactical training to our local tactical community.

I will be receiving training in Krav Maga - which in Hebrew means 'hand-to-hand-combat'.
Krav Maga is a hand-to-hand combat system developed in Israel that involves striking techniques, wrestling and grappling, mostly known for its extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks, and is taught to regular and special forces in Israel.

The operators at Tacmo who will be working with me will teach me how to defend myself using Krav Maga and other tactics. We will use different scenarios and they will be working with me, going over my route to establish 'danger areas' and different plans of action.

They have assured me that when they are done with me, I'll be as good as a field operator. In layman's terms - you will not want to mess with me!! :D

Although I am very excited about the training and although a number of jokes have already come from this, I am extremely grateful for their offer and willingness to help.
This training might just help save my life when in a difficult situation.
As they say - Better safe than sorry!

I believe it very important to be able to protect yourself.
Should you be interested in attending any of the courses that Tacmo offers - you can find more info on their website

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Tuesday, 01 March 2011

Almost There

D-Day is drawing nearer and nearer!
And I am happy to say, that my needs list is almost completely crossed through! FINALLY!!! :)

My pannier bags, racks and tent are being shipped from the USA (Thanks to Picobella and Hanret Snyman). Clothing from Australia (Apres Velo) and Eastern Cape (South Africa) (Gravel Clothing). Waterproof carry bags for my gadgets from the UK. (Aquapac)
My first aid is taken care of by ER24 (Emergency Medical Services)
Nokia is making sure I stay connected with a super N8 handset. Outdoor gear thanks to Guy Pearce.
So, outdoor gear, clothing, panniers and racks, first aid, communications - all sorted!!

I will also be undergoing 'Advanced Tactical Training' in the next few weeks, thanks to Tacmo. This will ensure that I am equipped with the knowledge and training to handle any situation I might find myself in. I am really excited and looking forward to the training!!

Now just waiting to hear back on possible video camera sponsorship.

All that remains is my bike and bike gear, medical insurance and funding.

As you all know by now, I have decided to take my 'old' bike Luna (I hate referring to her as my old bike...feels degrading):D
She has had a service not too long ago, but I just want to have her 'checked out' again before we leave for the great yonder.

Bike gear needed:
*Service and parts replaced (if need be)
*Spare parts (Chain, spokes, cassette, rings etc)
*Gear (Saddle, multi-purpose peddles, pump, lock, computer, lights, repair kits etc)

My needs list can be found HERE

Should anyone, or should you know of anyone that would be willing to help, please contact me:

I am trying to secure a 'medical insurance' sponsor and have a few friends also helping wherever they can.

At this stage I am still embarking on this journey without any funding. This doesn't concern me too much. But what does concern me is money needed for Visa costs and communications. (If there's anybody with some bright ideas out there, please let me know)

What is for certain is that I am leaving on 27 April 2011 from Cape Town, South Africa.
My flight ticket to Cape Town has been booked, ONE WAY. No turning back. (with a big thank you to Hanret Snyman)

So I am ALMOST THERE!!! 56 Days to go and counting....Africa here I come. ;)

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