Saturday, 26 March 2011

My Drums

From the moment I conceptualized my dream of wanting to be the first woman to circumnavigate the African continent on a bicycle, music (especially drums) played an integral part.

I consider music to be a tool.
One you can use to - cheer yourself up, express emotions, express creativity, connect with others.
Music has great power. We all know that.
And it is with this in mind that I take my two new Djembe drums with me on my trip around the Mother Continent.

The idea is to use these drums as a means to connecting with the people I come across on my journey. There will be times where I will not be able to understand a language in a certain area I find myself in. With the drums, it just makes it a little easier.
It's also meant to show people that "I come in peace". ;) "I want to connect with you, share with you, learn from you".

Drumming has always been something I am very passionate about. It's something buried deep within my being. I can't really explain it. All I know is: When I hear the call of the drums, I follow.

Thanks to Gavin Bezuidenhout, from The Drum Zone, I now have my djembe's that I will be carrying with me.
They're small (Gavin gave me the choice of any size drum), but in all reality it just wouldn't be practical for me to take even slightly bigger drums. With all the gear I will be carrying, size and weight really starts becoming an issue.

I have no doubt, however, that I will take on more instruments as I go along. Maybe even swapping out with people I meet along the way. Who knows. :)

So now I still need to think of names for my companions.
As most of you know by now, my bike's name is 'Luna'.
Any suggestions welcome! ;)

Also - should you happen to find yourself in the Cape Town (Camps Bay to be more specific) are around the 27th April (Freedom Day), come say goodbye as I launch from Vida e Caffe! Join us for a coffee. And if you have a drum, bring it with. There will be drummers from all over joining in, in wishing me 'bon voyage'. :D I couldn't not wish for a better send-off. It is going to be absolutely fantastic! (more info to come)

So I just really want to say THANK YOU, to Gavin Bezuidenhout, for sponsoring my drums! You have no idea what an important role they are going to play on this journey!
Thank you so much!

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