Monday, 07 March 2011

Only 50 Days to go!!

Everyday my heart starts beating a little faster and faster.

If you've ever done something extreme in your life like skydiving or bungee jumping etc, you'll be able to understand that feeling you get just before you 'jump'.
Butterflies fluttering around in your stomach, your heart racing, struggling to breathe.

That is the place where I am at now. I can feel myself shuffling closer and closer to that JUMP.
Running around in my mind to make sure that I haven't forgotten anything.
Making sure international orders for gear have been placed and are on their way.

Keeping track with affairs around Africa. Protests, border closures etc.

Waiting for people to get back to me on articles, potential sponsors etc etc.
It's all just a little chaotic.

Last night Hanret and I sat until around 2am in the morning doing online shopping for a whole bunch of my gear.
Tent (Sponsored by Hanret), Outdoor gear (Sponsored by Guy Pearce) - Clothing, MSR multi-fuel camp stove and bottles, headlamp, clothing, solar charger (Powermonkey explorer) etc.
As well as my pannier bags and racks (Sponsored by Picobella) - Ortlieb panniers and Old Man Mountain racks. Wateproof casing for my Nokia N8 (Sponsored by Nokia) has been purchased through - UK (Aquapac is giving me 50% discount on all purchases)

Clothing has been received from Apres Velo, with more to come. As well as clothing from Gravel Clothing.

I am currently undergoing advanced tactical training / hostile environment training, sponsored by Tacmo.
Saturday was my first day of training. Suffice it to say that I could hardly move on Sunday! :D
These guys won't take it easy on me...and I rather prefer and am grateful for that. Just one day's training has already given me more confidence and a mental advantage!

ER24 is sponsoring me with a comprehensive first aid kit, including malaria prevention meds and test kit. And a comprehensive contact list for medical assistance in all the countries I will be traveling through.

I am currently waiting to hear about potential GoPro camera sponsorship.

All that's left is my bike. Service, a few parts replaced, spares, and a few 'small' items. Tubes, tyres, gloves, pump, lock, helmet, repair kits etc.

This is serious countdown time! :)

Launch day is 27 April 2011, from Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.
I'll be launching from Vida e Caffe in Camps Bay.
This will be a fun, group ride event. Anyone and everyone welcome!

Facebook event

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