Tuesday, 01 March 2011

Almost There

D-Day is drawing nearer and nearer!
And I am happy to say, that my needs list is almost completely crossed through! FINALLY!!! :)

My pannier bags, racks and tent are being shipped from the USA (Thanks to Picobella and Hanret Snyman). Clothing from Australia (Apres Velo) and Eastern Cape (South Africa) (Gravel Clothing). Waterproof carry bags for my gadgets from the UK. (Aquapac)
My first aid is taken care of by ER24 (Emergency Medical Services)
Nokia is making sure I stay connected with a super N8 handset. Outdoor gear thanks to Guy Pearce.
So, outdoor gear, clothing, panniers and racks, first aid, communications - all sorted!!

I will also be undergoing 'Advanced Tactical Training' in the next few weeks, thanks to Tacmo. This will ensure that I am equipped with the knowledge and training to handle any situation I might find myself in. I am really excited and looking forward to the training!!

Now just waiting to hear back on possible video camera sponsorship.

All that remains is my bike and bike gear, medical insurance and funding.

As you all know by now, I have decided to take my 'old' bike Luna (I hate referring to her as my old bike...feels degrading):D
She has had a service not too long ago, but I just want to have her 'checked out' again before we leave for the great yonder.

Bike gear needed:
*Service and parts replaced (if need be)
*Spare parts (Chain, spokes, cassette, rings etc)
*Gear (Saddle, multi-purpose peddles, pump, lock, computer, lights, repair kits etc)

My needs list can be found HERE

Should anyone, or should you know of anyone that would be willing to help, please contact me: jolandie.rust@gmail.com

I am trying to secure a 'medical insurance' sponsor and have a few friends also helping wherever they can.

At this stage I am still embarking on this journey without any funding. This doesn't concern me too much. But what does concern me is money needed for Visa costs and communications. (If there's anybody with some bright ideas out there, please let me know)

What is for certain is that I am leaving on 27 April 2011 from Cape Town, South Africa.
My flight ticket to Cape Town has been booked, ONE WAY. No turning back. (with a big thank you to Hanret Snyman)

So I am ALMOST THERE!!! 56 Days to go and counting....Africa here I come. ;)

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