Sunday, 27 March 2011

Vaccinations Sorted!

Thank goodness!!!
This was something I was a little stressed out about. Seeing as some of these vaccinations are compulsory is some/most of the countries I will be traveling through.

But thanks to the power of social networking, it's all sorted now.

Although ER24 is sponsoring my first aid kit, they unfortunately could not help with vaccinations. Which I understand.

I put out a little 'distress call' on my social profiles.
Within 2 minutes I had received a referral from a follower (Steven Lea) on Twitter, with contact details for one Engela Fernandes at Sanofi Pasteur. I immediately contacted Engela, who then took it further.
Her manager, Garth Littlewood, then got in contact with me on Friday, and voila! All is sorted.
So I should be getting ALL the needed vaccinations this week.

I still find it all rather amazing. You put something out there, and instantly you get connected to so many people!
I never knew of Sanofi Pasteur's existence, but will definitely always remember that name now! :)

Thank you to every single individual out there helping to make my dream a reality!

"I am because you are" - Taken from my good friend Sonja Kruse a.k.a 'The Ubuntu Girl'.

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