Thursday, 03 March 2011

Undergoing Tactical Training

As of this Saturday, 5 March, I will be undergoing advanced tactical training.

This all came about after I received a call from Bernard from Tacmo.

They heard my interview on 5FM (Listen to interview HERE)and was particularly interested when they heard my comment about sponsors who are reluctant to come on board because of the risk involved. My wanting to cycle around Africa solo seems to risque to a number of potential sponsors.

So Tacmo has offered to give me full advanced tactical training.
They were registered and established in 2009 and they're situated in Pretoria, Gauteng.
Little more on Tacmo:

TACMO Tactical Training Solutions provides the highest quality, proven tactical training to the community, members of community policing forums, members of home owners associations, community Safety and Protection initiatives, reservist of the South African Police Service, members of the Metropolitan Police Service, members of the rural and urban protection initiatives residing in rural areas (Plots and Farming Communities), Security personnel in their own capacity, and members of Paintball Marker Teams playing in major leagues.

Our extensive market research program has shown that public safety has not been addressed as it should have been. Some companies rendering security services have also been, with all due respect, rated inferior concerning operational tactical training and tactical combat proficiency. We saw the need to promote the ideal and to assist in protecting and saving lives by means of providing the best tactical training (developed and adopted by the SAPS Special Task Force) locally available.

Our instructors are highly trained tactical and street survival techniques specialists and are registered with the South African Safety and Security Educational Training Authority (SAS-SETA) as Educational Training and Development Facilitators (ETD), Assessor and Moderators in an extensive range of Unit Standards related to the policing environments. We also have registered Range Officers which can assist on SABS/SAPS approved shooting ranges if the need arises to use firearms with sharp point ammunition for exercise purposes.

The TACMO Team is dedicated in providing the best known and sought after tactical training to our local tactical community.

I will be receiving training in Krav Maga - which in Hebrew means 'hand-to-hand-combat'.
Krav Maga is a hand-to-hand combat system developed in Israel that involves striking techniques, wrestling and grappling, mostly known for its extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks, and is taught to regular and special forces in Israel.

The operators at Tacmo who will be working with me will teach me how to defend myself using Krav Maga and other tactics. We will use different scenarios and they will be working with me, going over my route to establish 'danger areas' and different plans of action.

They have assured me that when they are done with me, I'll be as good as a field operator. In layman's terms - you will not want to mess with me!! :D

Although I am very excited about the training and although a number of jokes have already come from this, I am extremely grateful for their offer and willingness to help.
This training might just help save my life when in a difficult situation.
As they say - Better safe than sorry!

I believe it very important to be able to protect yourself.
Should you be interested in attending any of the courses that Tacmo offers - you can find more info on their website

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ed said...

It was great hearing you on 5FM with the Fresh Drive Team.
Loved the interview it was a very inspiring for people out there that have not done some or no challenges in there life.

I hope your challenge will be a great success and that You will derive a great deal of benefit from your experiences.

Be Safe.

Take care

ed Wrestley Hutton

Jolandie Rust said...

Thanks Ed. I will make this a great success...and have no doubt that I will gain a great deal out of it, as an individual. Looking forward to sharing the experience! ;)