Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Gear Needs List Complete

So my seemingly-never-ending gear needs list is finally complete!!! Yay! (Only took 3 years ;))

It is just the most beautiful sight. Looking at the list, with all the lines struck through it. All the individuals/companies that have invested in my project. Absolutely fantastic!

Just look at it - I'm sure you'll get the same sensation...one of ....accomplishment. :)


* 4 Season One Man Tent (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
*Multi Fuel Camping Stove (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
*Petzl Headlamp (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
*Water Purification Tablets (Being sponsored by Ripples For Good)
* The North Face Roadrunner 23 Tent (Being sponsored by Hanret Snyman)
* Solar Charger Panel (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
* Zip-off Cargo Pants x 4 (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
* Hiking/Outdoor Jacket (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
* Hiking Sandals (Being sponsored by Guy Pearce)
* Panniers and Racks (Being sponsored by Picobella)
* Clothing (Being sponsored by Apres Velo, Australia)
* Cycling Waterproof Raincoat
* Cycling Gloves (1x Full, 1x Cut-Off, size Medium)
(Being sponsored by Apres Velo)
* Tubes x 4 (Schrader Valve) (Being sponsored by Apres Velo)
* Multi-valve pump (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Helmet (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Multi-purpose pedals (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Repair kits x 6 (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Lube (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
*Chainrings (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* 9 Speed Cassette (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Saddle (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* 1 x Lock (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Spare brake cable set (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Schwalbe Tyres (Being sponsored by Antoinette Morgan)
* Spare Chain (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Spare Brake Pads x 4 pairs (V-brakes, hex nuts)(Being sponsored by Apres Velo)
* Spare spokes (Being sponsored by Linden Cycles)
* Comprehensive First Aid Kit (Being sponsored by ER24)
* Malaria Test Kit (Being sponsored by ER24)
* Malaria Tablets (Being sponsored by ER24)
* Vaccinations(Being sponsored by ER24)
* Video Camera (Being sponsored by CTI)
* Phone (Being sponsored by Nokia)

<-------------------------- "So is that it? Are you done now? Are you ready to go?" - I hear you asking.

Well not quite. :(


Funding for Visas, food, communications etc are still needed.
And for this I have devised a very creative and more lateral approach toward sponsorship.

Have a look at this page: Sponsorship Opportunities

This is all I still have to sort out. At this stage I am launching on the 27th April from Cape Town, without any funding.

So - should you know of any individual/companies/potential mad people that might be interested in helping in any way...please shout. ----> jolandie.rust@gmail.com

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