Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Organizing, Organizing, Organizing...

Okay, so today I've been following up on contacts made yesterday. Replying to messages sent to me on facebook and mail etc, fellow adventurers coming from all over the world. Crazy! But wonderful. :-)

Thank goodness for Google translate! People must think I am a very talented linguist as I've received messages in French (of which I know a LITTLE bit) and dutch ex. Mirjam Wouters, a fellow adventure and cycling enthusiast. (which I can mostly understand, seeing as my mother tongue is Afrikaans). But still!

I can say, however, that I am updating my French. With the wonderful help of a very good friend of mine (who I am sure I drive insane sometimes) :-) ...and watching Euro news in French. And audio CD's.

Today I sent a query to Trappers Trading, on potential sponsorship for outdoor gear. Also to Netcare for medical requirements and Shoprite for food requirements. So we'll see.

Aaaaaanndddd...SO very excited about the upcoming fund raising event. Can't wait to make it public. Just have to secure a venue. Mmmmmmm....

Okay, now I've used up my productivity quota for today...will continue tomorrow.

Thank you everybody for all the wonderful support!!

Monday, 30 August 2010

164 Days To Go!!!


So today I've been doing quite a bit of ground work.
I am seeing people from ProudlySA next week, to discuss them endorsing my trip and helping with raising awareness.

I have contacted numerous potential sponsors.
1. Mobile Solar Charger
2. Medical (First aid kit, inoculations etc)
3. Tracker
4. Outdoor gear
5. Cycling gear

I will be having a fund raising event on 20 Oct 2010. In Melville, Johannesburg. Details will be publicized soon.

I have some accommodation sorted for when I get to Morocco.
Kinda struggling on this front. People seem to be reluctant in giving me an intro to friends they might have in Africa. Unless nobody knows a soul anywhere in Africa. (Unlikely??)

Also organizing a massive group ride when I launch from Cape Town via The Hub SA
Hopefully we'll have great numbers there on the day.

And press releases due to go out in the next couple of days.

All in all...a productive day. (Besides the fact that my laptop is seriously testing one of my virtues...namely 'patience'.) It just switches off abruptly every couple of minutes! Grrrrrrrrrr

164 days sounds like a long time....but it certainly isn't. I'm getting there. :-)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Friends from all over the world!

First thing this morning when I woke up, I received a message from a facebook friend of mine who lives in Belgium. Offering a place for me to stay when I reach Morocco.

I really will never be able to adequately express just how grateful I am to people for all their help! Even the smallest gesture makes tears of absolute gratitude well up in my eyes!

Merci beaucoup Velo Nomade!!!!

Ps: Should anybody who might be following my blog have any contacts throughout Africa, please contact me. This is for accommodation purposes and just so I at least have A contact in each country.

Thank you in advance!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Day Off!

The term 'weekend', in general, does not carry great meaning for me.

Though on this particular Saturday I have decided to just 'chill' a bit.

Lie on the couch and watch television all day! I don't take a lot of time off from organizing the trip. Though I realized to today, come to think of it... I actually never take time off from organizing the trip. Even when I just lie on the couch watching television, I will find something that relates to the trip or that inspires me in some or other way concerning the trip. Or something I make a mental note of to research later.

Though watching the Springboks take on the Wallabies today (for a change it seems like we might actually win this one, 15 minutes to go right now) I can't really see how anything about this game might relate to my trip. Apart from the fact that I did make a mental note to keep up with dates and goings on so I can plan accordingly in getting to a place (wherever I may find myself) to support our boys! ;-)

Friday, 27 August 2010

Current Needs List

There are a whole bunch of items on the list that people have messaged me about, in trying to obtain the items: but here's the complete list:

Sleeping mat
Gas stove
Basic cooking utensils
Basic eating utensils
Leatherman multi-tool
Headlight (Petzl)
Waterproof Matches
Survival knife
Camping lamp
Water purification tablets

3 x Shorts (Hiking shorts)
4 x T-shirts (Lightweight hiking T-shirts)
2 x Long T’s (Same as short T’s)
4 x Socks
1 x Raincoat (Cycling)
1 x Sandals (Hiking type sandals)
1 x Long Pants (Outdoor hiking)
2 x Caps

Bike (Hybrid)
15 x Chains
Tyres x 120
Tubes x 90
Brake Pads
Repair Kits
Gloves x 2 (1 short, 1 full)
Cycling shoes x 2
Front Pannier Bags
Tyre Inners
Front light
Back light
Day pack (Backpack)

Malaria tablets
Medical cover
Comprehensive First Aid kit:

Waterproof sticking plasters (single and rolls)
One inch and two inch bandages
Gauze squares
Alcohol swabs
Aspirin & paracetemol
Pre-packed wound dressing
Re-hydrating powder
Elastic tube gauze
Ophthalmic lotion
Persivate lotion
Betadine gel
CPR mouth valve
Alcohol swabs
A suture kit
Pre-packed wound dressing
Drip needles
Elastic tube gauze
Betadine gel
Glucose lozenges
Hyoscine Butyl bromide
Vit B injections
Voltaren tablets
Voltaren gel
Anti biotics
Arnica oil
Malaria test kits
Arnica pills
Malaria treatment courses
Space blanket

Airtime monthly – estimated at R1,000 per month
Camera (Video & Still) + cable for downloading footage to phone to upload to internet

Solar Charger for phone/camera etc
Tracker x2 (1 for bike, 1 on my person)
Travel insurance

Estimated at R70 per day

FUNDING:Visas and relevant travel documents estimated at R50,000

170 days to launch!

I am just unbelievably amazed at all the messages of support I have been receiving!!

People messaging me on Facebook, on Twitter, emailing me, phoning me...just because they want to help in any way they can!

I always have this intense urge to be able to repay all the kindness I have received. Although I know that, personally I will never be satisfied in repaying all the people who are supporting and helping me no matter how hard I try. So I have now told myself that the best way to thank everybody out there is for me to just do this thing.

To go out, live my dream...and not hold back. Because when I arrive back in Cape Town with a SERIOUS tan and maybe half the woman I used to be, that will be enough. Having achieved something amazing, and giving hope to others in doing the same!

Verity Price, a well known South African musician, offered to donate R25 to me for every one of her CD's sold today on Facebook. Verity is well known for being the first musician in South Africa to sell her CD's before the CD's existed! Verity ; My Group On Facebook

I also posted my plans onto TheHubSA and have been receiving great support from my fellow cyclists in South Africa. We might be planning a mass cycling send off, when I start in Cape Town!

I have also been receiving numerous messages around people busy with, or having done similar adventures!! I have been in contact with some of these people and it just excites me to no end to hear their stories!

Makes me want to jump on my bike right away!!!

So to every single caring giving soul out there who has contributed in any way, Thank You!!! From the very bottom of my heart!! Thank you soooo much!

First woman around South Africa solo

On 3 October 2009, I launched the second phase of my project, to circumnavigate South Africa, solo, thereby being the first person to do so! This trip was in order to raise enough awareness and funds for me to live her dream of becoming the first woman to cycle around the entire African continent.

    I kicked off my circumnavigation of South Africa from Melville, Johannesburg and cycled along the border to Richards Bay, along the KZN coast before entering the Eastern Cape and eventually reaching Cape Town on 14 November 2009.

    I left Cape Town, after a few days rest and maintenance, on 17 November 2009 to begin the return leg of my journey. The trip back to Johannesburg saw me travelling through the Western Cape, Northern Cape, North West and Limpopo.

    I arrived back in Johannesburg on Sunday 10 January 2010 having covered

    5 951 kilometers and 100 days on the road. I had become the first woman ever to have cycled around South Africa on my own! Laughing

    This journey marked the longest time I had spent on the road on my own. And what an incredible journey it was.

    It is now 7 months later and I really do miss the feeling of just hitting the open road early in the morning, not knowing what may lie ahead.

    But I better enjoy this time off the road, seeing as I will spend a much longer time away from home when tackling the third largest continent in the world!!

    Cycling Solo - Johannesburg to Cape Town

    After having cycled through Israel in 2004, the bug had definitely not just bitten me...but taken a whole chomp!!!

    On March 3rd I set off to cycle solo from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

    This was my first excursion undertaken in my own home country.

    I wanted to test myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Seeing as I want to take on the whole of Africa, I knew I'd need to be strong in all categories.

    But then I am also superbly stubborn!!! So difficult situations just pose as a fun obstacle to me. Wink

    In those days I racked up the first of many amazing, heartwarming and tear-jerking experiences. First of many to come!

    I was absolutely amazed and humbled at the support I received from people all over the country.

    I completed the trip and arrived in Cape Town 15 days later. Having covered 1500 kilometers.

    It was right then that I knew, unequivocally, that I can do this thing!!! Smile