Monday, 30 August 2010

164 Days To Go!!!


So today I've been doing quite a bit of ground work.
I am seeing people from ProudlySA next week, to discuss them endorsing my trip and helping with raising awareness.

I have contacted numerous potential sponsors.
1. Mobile Solar Charger
2. Medical (First aid kit, inoculations etc)
3. Tracker
4. Outdoor gear
5. Cycling gear

I will be having a fund raising event on 20 Oct 2010. In Melville, Johannesburg. Details will be publicized soon.

I have some accommodation sorted for when I get to Morocco.
Kinda struggling on this front. People seem to be reluctant in giving me an intro to friends they might have in Africa. Unless nobody knows a soul anywhere in Africa. (Unlikely??)

Also organizing a massive group ride when I launch from Cape Town via The Hub SA
Hopefully we'll have great numbers there on the day.

And press releases due to go out in the next couple of days.

All in all...a productive day. (Besides the fact that my laptop is seriously testing one of my virtues...namely 'patience'.) It just switches off abruptly every couple of minutes! Grrrrrrrrrr

164 days sounds like a long time....but it certainly isn't. I'm getting there. :-)

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