Saturday, 28 August 2010

Day Off!

The term 'weekend', in general, does not carry great meaning for me.

Though on this particular Saturday I have decided to just 'chill' a bit.

Lie on the couch and watch television all day! I don't take a lot of time off from organizing the trip. Though I realized to today, come to think of it... I actually never take time off from organizing the trip. Even when I just lie on the couch watching television, I will find something that relates to the trip or that inspires me in some or other way concerning the trip. Or something I make a mental note of to research later.

Though watching the Springboks take on the Wallabies today (for a change it seems like we might actually win this one, 15 minutes to go right now) I can't really see how anything about this game might relate to my trip. Apart from the fact that I did make a mental note to keep up with dates and goings on so I can plan accordingly in getting to a place (wherever I may find myself) to support our boys! ;-)

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