Wednesday, 22 September 2010


After struggling for what felt the longest time, I have secured a venue for Stuck On The Bike!

I am VERY happy to report that Tyger Valley Shopping Center has agreed to host this event!

Finally!!! A breakthrough. Just goes to show - perseverance equals success. You just have to keep at it and not give up. You will reach your goals!! :)

Verity and the Shades might also be performing at the event. They are currently touring in Thailand! So we will confirm when they get back. So make sure you buy their future CD - From Africa With Love to ensure you are a part of this amazing initiative. Not only will you be receiving 2 CD's, but you will also be helping three different causes for a mere R100!

The dates for the event:
5 November 2010 @ 17h00 to 7 November 2010 @ 17h00

If you are on facebook and would like to show your support - rsvp on:
Stuck on the bike event on facebook

Okay so now....I have a lot to organize before then. Best I get cracking.
And it might be a good idea for me to start spending more time on a spinning bike at the gym!! :D

Thank you, to every single soul who has helped and supported me up until now! From the bottom of my heart - you will never know just how much it means to me!

Ohhh...and there's just one tiny little thing I need to still sort out. I need to organize special clearance for my 'little' mascot to keep me company.
Hvir aka 'Die Haas'. --->

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