Sunday, 12 September 2010

Calm Before The Storm

Although I am not on the bike as often as I'd like, (I have this uncanny ability to convince myself I have a very good reason for not doing certain things...really don't have a good reason here! Bad Jolandie :D) I have been 'training' for the October event.

Seeing as I know I might have to spend more than 24 hours on a stationary bike, I thought I'd see with how little sleep I can cope. (wasn't planned, just happened)
So I have slept 10 hours in the last 3 days. And am hppay to rpoert taht I am pfercetly fnie! :D :D
As any of my close friends know, I am fond of my sleep. So this promises to be an interesting challenge.

Also when I get tired I tend to get a little 'unhinged' a very funny way. I'll start laughing at everything and you may ask me something and I'll just stare at you...then burst out laughing. Yep...this is going to be interesting. LoL

I plan on unleashing the fury of the adventurer on my unsuspecting future supporters and sponsors this coming week. No holding back. Just do what I have to do and not postpone on ANYTHING!

Venue for 20 Oct event is now between Johannesburg or Cape Town.
Joburg - well this is my hometown. Wanted to say all my friends are here but realized in the meantime that's not true. My friends are scattered ALL over. Though my nearest and dearest friends are here...most of them.
Cape Town - The mother city. I actually do have a whole bunch of friends in Cpt...come to think of it. And this is where my journey will start and end.

Mmmmm....decisions decisions.
Will know this week.

Very excited and really looking forward to kicking butt this week.


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