Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Waiting Game

No, I'm not referring to either the song or the television show... ;)

I have now reached that point where, although a whole lot is going on and happening, I have to play the waiting game.
Waiting for answers, waiting for feedback, waiting for confirmation...waiting for rain. :)

Not that it's a bad thing entirely. It is just that it can get a tad frustrating at times.

Said I was taking the weekend off...which I did. Said I was going sailing...which I did. And man...did I get more than I bargained for?!?
Saturday started out with good wind, and 'moi' getting a crash course in "Sailing for dummies". :p
I am happy to report that I do not get sea sick!! Thank goodness. Even when mother nature put my 'adventurous spirit' to the test in 30 knots wind...I was as cool as a cucumber. I must admit, however, that I never realized just what hard work sailing can be! And...am thinking I like this sailing business. Might just get myself a boat! But not now...I am CYCLING around Africa after all. :D

All this 'on the water' activity have inspired me! So I have decided I should make use of the rowing machine standing in the study...all on it's own. Poor thing. I've got as far as the kitchen!! Keep getting stuck there... LoL

So I have a big important exciting meeting tomorrow morning...and hopefully the waiting game will forfeit.

Only 23 Days to go to Stuck On The Bike! Please make sure to follow the updates and if you're in Cape Town...Please come say hello!!!! I'll have a lot of time to kill!

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