Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Elephant

The other day I had a fabulous chat with Sarah Outen, all the way over in London in the UK.

She asked me a question.
She asked me about my background on my blog. The Elephant.
I then realized that it is something I haven't actually explained. Because there is a reason for that particular background.

Elephants actually play a rather significant role in my life. I don't even know if I've ever told my friends about it.
To me the elephant symbolizes - Strength, Wisdom, and power of the it that the females are the leaders in the herd. (Matriarchal)

I have always loved elephants. Growing up, we had an elephant's foot in our house. (Maybe a bit disgusting I know)
But as a child, I was absolutely fascinated with that foot. (Ok so I've never claimed to be all that 'normal') :D

When my 'adventure-self' had the opportunity to 'come out of the closet' the first time...six years ago, it was the elephant that got me through some really tough times. I can recall one particularly tough moment (like one of those moments where you think...this is it...I'm not gonna make's over) where we were busy cycling through Israel. We'd been cycling all day in semi-desert terrains in 47deg Celsius heat...and we had ONE more mountain to climb. We'd run out of water, food, money, smokes, light...and even enthusiasm.

My partner turned to me and said: "How do you eat an elephant"?
I thought the dehydration had got to him!
And he answered: "Piece by piece".
And that little piece of wisdom got me through to the end and is still a source of motivation to me to this day!

Since then, my journey...on the road and off, has been filled with the symbol of the elephant.

Interesting fact: In just about EVERY home, hotel, guest-house, lodge that I've stayed in on my trips through and around South Africa...there's been an elephant. Either a statue or a painting or a fountain etc. And that has always made me It's a very reassuring symbol to me.

The bike I rode on from Johannesburg to Cape Town on my trip around South Africa was named "Gaja"...which is Indonesian for 'elephant'.

I definitely hope that I will come across one of these majestic creatures on my journey around Africa!!
In a way, I do see the spirit of the elephant in me...

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Jeanette said...

What a great totem you have Jolandie :)
Animals really do give us clues as to how to go about things if we only care to watch them.

Jolandie Rust said...

Thank you Jeanette! Animals play a big role in my life. Lots of love to you all the way over in Aus!! xoxox