Thursday, 03 November 2011

First long ride a success. What's next?

About a week and a half ago Nova and I embarked on our first ‘long’ journey together. Some quality time on the open road to get to know one another better. The destination: visiting my family on the Kwazulu-Natal North Coast. The distance: just over 1200 kilometers in total. Riding time: approximately 17 hours there and back.

I’m happy to report that all went well and we didn’t have any mishaps. I’m growing more confident on the bike with each passing kilometer. We faced a crazy wind on our way back. The kind that makes it look like you’re leaning into a corner when you’re actually on a straight. It made me a little nervous at first to be perfectly honest. Gusting winds sometimes feel like they’re about to take the bike out right from under you. Though I think I handled it just fine.

The highlight on the trip for me was that my brother and I got to ride together. For the first time. It was great fun!

I’ve received my first piece of equipment for the bike. My new Trax Top Box. My friend Shayne Robinson from Cyberbike helped me to fit it the other night. It was a humorous event to say the least, as we tried to figure out the ‘not so user friendly’ instructions. So we’ve come to an agreement: if it stays on for the entire trip, Shayne installed it; if it falls off, I installed it!

Looks like Shayne did the installation!!
And... it's ON!!

I’ve also received some new gear from my favorite clothing company: Apres Velo down in Australia. I really, really, really... REALLY, absolutely LOVE their gear. And I’m not just saying that because I’m trying to punt one of my sponsors. Their gear really is just superiorly awesome! You should check it out!
Apres Velo's FABULOUS clothing!!

In just over a week’s time Nova and I will be heading down to Cape Town to attend FIM Africa’s annual congress, taking place from the 17th – 19th of November at the Protea Break Water Hotel at the V&A Waterfront. With a stopover in Knysna first. Really looking forward to it! When we get back, Nova should have close to 6000 kilometers on the clock! * Grin *

Then end of November I’m riding out to Naboomspruit in Limpopo Province to visit Lodie de Jager, a man who has ridden across Africa twice on his KLR. Lodie has been kind enough to allow me to bug him for a few days. I know that I will learn a great deal from his experiences. And I also hope to have my first taste of some off-road training.

As far as preparations for the re-launch of my expedition is concerned, I’m making progress. There’s still a lot to do, as is with any expedition of this size. At this stage I’m still set on launching in January. We’ll see how it goes.

“It’s better to have Journeyed than to Arrive” – From Lodie de Jager's blog.


Stephen Schaunt said...

Crystal River has been my training ground. It's a real challenge to drive with those Harley Davidsons driving furiously along with you. My area still got the helmet law until now. Nice photos, btw!

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