Monday, 11 April 2011

First Aid - Sponsored by ER 24

A HUGE thank you to ER24 for sponsoring my First Aid kit!!


1 x Antiseptic Solution 100ml
2 x Plastic Lock-on Splint
2 x Splint Wadding 100mm
2 x Sterile Gauze 75x75mm 5’s
1 x Forceps - Stainless Steel
1 x Rescue Scissors
2 x Safety Pins 10’s
6 x Triangular Bandage
3 x Conform Bandage 50mm
3 x Conform Bandage 75mm
10 x Anchor Plaster
10 x Plaster Strip
1 x Paper Tape 25mm x 3m
1 x Antiseptic Ointment
2 x First Aid Dressing No.2
2 x First Aid Dressing No.3
2 x First Aid Dressing No.5
3 x Gloves per Pair - Large
3 x Gloves per Pair - Medium
1 x Cervical Collar - Medium
2 x CPR Mouthpiece
1 x Eye Bath
1 x Eye Shield
3 x Eye Pad
4 x Eno Sachet
3 x Crepe Bandage 75mm
3 x Crepe Bandage 100mm
3 x Elastic Adhesive Bandage 50mm
3 x Elastic Adhesive Bandage 100mm
1 x Deep Heat Rub 75ml
2 x Disposable Ice Pack
1 x Rescue Blanket

Plus 5 x Malaria Test Kits.

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Barney Erikson said...

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