Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Apres Velo - My Clothing Sponsor from 'Down Under'

A few weeks ago I received an email from AJ at Apres Velo in Australia. (Apres Velo stands for 'After Cycling' - in French)
A friend of his here in sunny (except for Johannesburg) South Africa had referred him to my blog site. His email included an awesome offer, and so I am very excited to introduce you to my clothing sponsor from 'down under'... Après Vélo!

What attracted me to their product was their approach concerning cycling gear, and their funky, fun designs!

In their own words:

"Apres Velo cranked out in 2006 to fill a gaping void within the cycling industry’s casual clothing offering. Leonard Greis and Sarina Tomchin, two Sydney based cycling mates chatted over a coffee or 3 about the severe lack of groovy bicycle-inspired tee shirts that proclaimed their life-long passion for their sport.

Incredibly, the grand and noble sport of cycling seemed to have no “after cycle” wear with street cred. Thus began Apres Velo, which is French for “After Cycle”.

With no finish line in sight, our aim is to develop ongoing ranges of edgy, casual clothing and lifestyle accessories to meet the cultural and diverse tastes of the global cycling community. Hopefully, much loved for our humour, artwork and great products.

Our designs cover a broad cross section of attitudinal and quirky graphics, geared towards Bitumen & Bituchix (roadies), non-polluters (commuters), and dirtydudes & dudettes (MtBers)…..something to suit all bike-fixated obsessives."

I am STOKED about wearing the Apres Velo gear on my trip around Africa!! It's funky and fresh and what's great is that is lends you a level of freedom. I have always worn 'normal' cycling clothing on my previous trips through and around South Africa. But now I can travel in style!!!
AND I can go absolutely ANYWHERE in this gear. Simply get off the bike and go party, without having to change. (Okay except for the fact that I may be a bit sweaty) :D

WHAT'S MORE: is that they have ALSO offered me to be one of their AFFILIATES. What this means is that whenever anyone uses this link ----> 'My Link' to purchase one of their uber cool T-shirts, I will receive 20% of the sale. So this is another way of helping fund my trip!! Awesome!!!

So go and have a look at their website!!
I am currently awaiting a shipment from Australia. Can't wait to receive my gear so I can show you all what it looks like!! :)

Here's a HUGE thank you to everybody at Apres Velo!! I know that this is the start of what will be a long and beautiful partnership!

:) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :)

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