Friday, 28 January 2011

Water Purification Sponsored by Ripples For Good

They are known as the 2 girls with their 2 dogs on bicycles. They've covered thousands of kilometers throughout Southern Africa to promote change in our waterways.

Now they've traded their bicycles for motorbikes and are still at it. Going from strength to strength.

They are Maria Botha and Liani Broodryk from Ripples For Good, sponsors of my water purification on my trip around Africa!

The product they will be supplying me with is called Aqua Salveo.
The product is a concentrated liquid that needs to be diluted by adding 3 drops (0.09ml) per litre of water, for drinking, bathing and household cleaning. The treatment ranges from as little as 1 litre to thousands of liters and when applied as suggested, the water will remain disinfected for 24 months and will tolerate temperatures as high as 35ºC/95ºF.

More info on their website.

:) Thank you Maria and Liani!!! :)

To support Ripples For Good and follow Maria and Liani's progress, check out their Website.

I doubt I'd be able to fit Hvir, the greatest dane in the world anywhere on my bike...but maybe I can persuade her to pull me up those hills!! :D (Would take a great deal of persuading...and I would have to get past Hanret first!!) LoL

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