Saturday, 09 July 2011

I'm The Huffington Post's "Greatest Person Of The Day"!

So there I was, sitting in theatre, minding my own business and watching the International Ballet Gala with Hanret. On exiting the theatre I check my phone (as we all do nowadays, heaven forbid we miss a call or that all important sms). It just so happened that I did receive an all important message.

A rather frantic Miguel Martim, Founder and CEO of Iduka, the charity organization I support, is trying to get hold of me with great urgency!

"The Huffington Post wants to do an interview with you...NOW" - he says over the phone from his home in the USA. We have a quick chat, and then I wait for the call.

Today, as I do a Google search, I find the article.

I am The Huffington Post's "Greatest Person of the Day"!
Yay!! What an honor.
I am delighted!! Thank you Miguel!!

And thank you to The Huffington Post! :)

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Walter Pike said...

That's brilliant - well done. Super. Also nice to see you at the ballet, obviously just before the message was received.

Anonymous said...

Jolandie, you are a true inspiration to the APRES VELO worldwide Cog-regation and fully endorse and support Huffingtons Post.
Big Cog

Jolandie Rust said...

Thanks Walter! Was good to see you as well. Yes, the call came just after we got out. :) @Big Cog - APRES VELO Rocks BIG TIME!!!! ;)