Monday, 18 July 2011

Ups, Downs and Going Again!!!

Having to return home to sort out my visas, panned out to be a blessing in disguise. I so enjoyed being home! But now it's time to get busy again! I arrived back in Windhoek on Monday evening. It was like I had never left. The only thing that changed was that it's a bit warmer now. Which is a good thing for me. I can handle heat, to extremes. But not cold.

Having to go back and forth, and the struggle with sorting my visas and funding issues and having to say goodbye to the people I love all over again, has been pretty stressful. The aftermath of which only hit me on my return to Windhoek. I hit an emotional low. But I knew I had no time to waste. So with the love and support of my friends, and after I gave myself a good pep talk, I got over it in no time.

I gave two motivational talks at two primary schools in Windhoek on Thursday and Friday. FNB Namibia is sponsoring the Namibia leg of my trip and in return I am giving motivational talks at schools on my route.

The talks were just what I needed! It was so uplifting being surrounded by such positivity and excitement. To see those kids light up like that and be so receptive, was really amazing. They were so eager to interact, ask questions and willing to learn. Their enthusiasm gave me a renewed will not to give up.

The kids at AS Steenkamp Primary School

Friday’s talk was at MH Greeff Primary School. About 200 12-13 year olds packed into the Assembly Hall and pelted me with questions after my talk – this was really an awesome experience. After my talk, the principal thanked me and wished me a safe journey. She handed me an envelope and said: ‘It's from the teachers and these naughty kids’, and smiled. Inside the envelope: N$400. It was so touching! A group of about 20 or 30 kids stayed behind after we had finished. They wanted to know whether they could come and greet me? Of course! I had no problem with that! But they didn't want to talk. They all wanted to give me a hug! I had to hug each and every one of them. It was such a sweet and special moment!

Luna and me inspiring the kids at MH Greeff Primary School!!

The two of us with some of the eager and enthusiastic kids. So sweet!!

And so now, I am back on the road! Luna is going like a dream! I'm not doing too bad either. Saturday’s leg was from Windhoek to Okahandja - 73km. A fine day on the road. Though my butt is not happy with me, all over again! I camped out, at the Kings Highway Rest Camp next to the road. Luna is happily sleeping next to me. It's all back to 'normal'. :-) Really looking forward to crossing into Angola!!

Luna with her new Namibian flag and the road ahead.

A giraffe came out to greet me and wish me well!

Arriving in Okahandja.

Camping out again!!

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If you, a group of your friends or your company want to sponsor my journey through a country, please have a look at my Sponsor a Country page and contact myself or Hanret!! I’m desperate for a sponsor for Angola!!

A big thank you to FNB Namibia for sponsoring the Namibia leg of my trip!!!

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