Monday, 18 July 2011

Leaving Okahandja behind

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Heading to the border is an uphill business. In more ways than one. Jolandie is pressed for time to get to the border to make sure she has a full 30 days available to her in Angola. But, geographically, to get to the border is a steady uphill climb.

When I spoke to her earlier, she was convinced that she had conquered a couple of Category 2 climbs on Sunday. A Cat 2 climb is in simplest terms a climb of 500-800 meters. So, in Tour de France parlance, Jolandie was definitely wearing the Polka Dot jersey at the end of Sunday’s 62 km stage!! Well done!!

Home for the night was a shelter rigged with some of the many grass bales at the side of road. Clever girl!

No warthogs were sighted, but the signs were!

Leaving Okahandja behind – way in the distance. The steady climb to the border has started!

The soft afternoon light makes the road seem a lot more gentle.

Some grass bales provide shelter for Jolandie and Luna!

Climbing the mountains to the Angola border Jolandie relied on U2’s I still haven’t found what I’m looking for for some pedal power on Sunday. Could it be that it is Table Mountain in the Mother City that she’s after? What do you guys think?

A Paypal button will be available soon on Jolandie’s Sponsor a Country page. So, if you, your friends or your company want to sponsor her for one of the countries on her journey, check it out. Otherwise, mail Jolandie or myself!! Next up is Angola – who will we be promoting for a whole month?

A big thank you to FNB Namibia for sponsoring the Namibia leg of the trip!!!

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