Thursday, 04 August 2011

Celebrating 100 days!!

When Jolandie hangs her panniers on Luna this morning and cycles out of Lubango, she will be starting Day 100 on the road!!

I’m therefore taking the liberty of dedicating this post to Jolandie.

I have enormous admiration for your courage, your perseverance and your determination to embark on this incredible journey! And by the ever increasing number of page views and followers on your blog, I have to infer that I am not the only person inspired by you!

If you were home, I’d organise a party with the essential good food, good wine, good company and festive music, but for now I send you a virtual cake. And I invite everybody visiting this page today to leave a comment or send a message and join in celebrating yet another milestone!! (If you want to leave a donation, that would be super awesome!!)

Happy, happy day 100!!! I hope it’s all downhill and that you have a tail wind!!

A quick reminder again that donations or country sponsorships can now be done through Paypal – visit the SPONSOR A COUNTRY page for more details!! Otherwise, drop Jolandie or myself a mail.

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WOW already 100 days..does time seem to go faster when riding?? Enjoy.. the 'Gravel Team'

Anonymous said...

To bravely go where no woman has gone before!! You can do it Jo! I pray some smart company siezes the opportunity to sponsor you. God bless - JB