Friday, 05 August 2011

On the road to Cacula

Before leaving Lubango yesterday morning, Jolandie first met with someone for a possible sponsorship. Not a huge sponsorship, but just something that may cover some of her Angola expenses. Please all hold thumbs!!

Then it was back in the saddle, saddle sores and all, heading off in the general direction of Cacula.

People who pass Jolandie along the road are just so incredibly generous. Two South Africans stopped next to her and gave her a Coke and some droëwors – a happy reminder of home!! They were on their way to Lubango and would more than likely pass her on their way back again today – they left with the promise to bring her a chocolate!! How sweet!

(Just realised that I better explain what droëwors is for the non-South African readers: droëwors, along with biltong, are popular South African snack foods. Where droëwors is made by drying traditional, coriander-seed spiced boerewors sausage, biltong is strips of meat, mostly beef but also game or ostrich, that is dried and cured.)

And there Jolandie was, sitting at the side of the road eating some lunch when she could hear a truck approaching in the distance. All of a sudden the truck slams on brakes and screeches to halt. For one moment she thought it was going to crash. But the driver, a Namibian, hopped out and gave her two cans of Coke!!! Apparently the story has spread amongst the truckers about this crazy woman and her bicycle – everybody is being asked to look out for her and to give her something cold to drink or snack on! Incredible!

Unfortunately it isn’t only the highs that constitute a day – the lows also need to be there to provide some balance. Her speedometer re-set itself yet again today – very annoying if maintaining a rather high daily average distance is crucial. And then there was this guy on a motorbike (apparently plenty of those around) who followed her for about 20 km, constantly begging for a kiss!! I thought this was hilarious!! Jolandie was more annoyed than amused!!

Last night a tired and sore Jolandie turned in early. To reach the DRC border by 24 Aug, the coming days are going to be hard!!

Another flag to add to the collection!!

Scouting the road?

Mmmm... I'm not convinced that this is very 'cycling' friendly!

A day at the roadside in Angola!

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