Monday, 29 August 2011

Nothing found other then immense generosity!

It is not often that I am at a loss for words, but yesterday I really was.

I was woken yesterday morning when Paul Buys and Burt Triegaardt phoned me from Soyo in Angola. They had mailed me on Saturday night when word of Jolandie’s plight had reached them. Their security team was immediately advised to be on the look out for Luna. Arrangements were made to accommodate Jolandie in Soyo should she choose to go there. They unconditionally offered their help and support – in any way it was needed.

I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when I put the phone down in stunned silence.

When I turned my computer on, I found my inbox bursting with mails of concern, offerings of assistance and just an overwhelming outpouring of love, support and comfort for Jolandie.

I am immensely humbled and bow deeply to each and every one of you for your unconditional generosity! I’m sure I had an out of body experience – my skin was just too small to contain the emotion that swept through me.

Jolandie spent most of yesterday morning in bed, but was feeling better by the afternoon. It was near impossible to talk to her as she just lapsed into coughing fits! We were chatting on Whatsapp, thinking of names for Luna’s replacement when suddenly she said: ‘I hear helicopters!!’ My heart skipped a few beats.

Whilst I was pretty sure that I would be tinkering away here at this hour informing you of how Luna was returned to Jolandie unscathed, am afraid to report that my sincerest wish did not come true. The police helicopters had returned empty handed.

Can you believe: two police helicopters out for two days searching for Luna! Is that not just incredibly awesome?

It seems that Jolandie will go to Lobito today, then back to Windhoek and Johannesburg later in the week. And I guess then it will be serious regrouping, rethinking and reorganizing.

I can assure you that Jolandie is viewing this incident as part and parcel of the experience of cycling around Africa. She has no intention of giving up!! It will just be a mammoth scramble to get bike and gear together again to continue where she left off!

Sincerest and most heartfelt thanks again to the team at Hoteis Angola for their generous sponsorship and for going much, much further than the extra mile to make sure that Jolandie was taken care of this weekend.

A loud round of applause to the police and Governor of the Zaire province for their relentless efforts to find Luna and for keeping Jolandie safe, warm and cared for.

I sadly sign off with no photographs to post!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, TIA!This is Africa...I'm really sorry friend, but I know you'll be back to it in no time, losing Luna is but a speed hump and the road becomes smooth again! We will be rooting for you and Luna's great successor!

Harry said...

Dear Jolandie...
I know how you feel...
(I had to make a brake in my Velomobile-Expedition as well)
Don`t gif up...
The road is calling us . . .

You are in my daily prayer
God bless you
Love and Light

karin brynard said...

Jolandi, how awful for you. But how wonderful the people of Angola reacted to your "accident". Two helicopters! I really hope you get over the cold - and that you'll be up and cycling again soon.