Tuesday, 11 October 2011

First tumble off the bike!

Yep. I came off my bike for the first time today! It certainly won't be the last. 
I’m very happy about this. I know it sounds strange. 
But you know how you always feel nervous about these things. 
I firmly believe that if one feels nervous, or scared of something, one should tackle it head-on!
This is not to say that I deliberately fell of my bike. Now that would be odd!

No, it happened whilst busy with my first training session today. Turning the handlebar whilst pulling off and then stalling. Oops. 
I went for license training. Graeme McCormack, my instructor at Drivability Driver Training gave me more than I paid for, which was great. Gave me some very helpful tips as well and corrected all the things that I do wrong. 
Other than the tumble, it all went really well. 

No injuries to report. Except a broken clutch lever on Nova. Oops! That will be fixed ASAP. 

I have also received my jacket. It’s an LMS Adventure Jacket. Absolutely LOVE it! 
I’ve decided that my color scheme will be black and orange. 
I tried on my boots today. Felt like walking around in space boots. (Not that I actually know what it feels like to walk around in space boots)
They unfortunately only have them in white. I’ll have to remedy that later. 

Bike, Helmet and Jacket - CHECK! 

So at this point we have:
Bike – check
Helmet – check
Jacket – check
Boots – In the mail…will have them tomorrow
Pants – Same as boots

Progress is being made! 
As for the launch date - I was aiming for mid/late November. But I think that’s a bit optimistic. I’ll have to revise that plan. 

License and registration is done on the bike, so I’ll have that tomorrow and will also book for my motorcycle driver’s license. 

So in terms of clothing and licensing, I’m almost done! Fabulous! 

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Anonymous said...

to get your boots to wear in right, smear soap on the out side of a wollen sock and walk about and ride about like this for a few hours. The longer and more soap the better. This also applies to boot for hiking. I have done a fair bit of walking (Angola, Zim, Moz, Tanz, UK, Spain) and it DOES work. Even if they get wet, best way to dry and they dont get hard. My 2 SA cents worth.... uugh cents??

Jolandie Rust said...

Thanks Ralph! Duly noted! Will definitely try it. :)