Sunday, 02 October 2011

On your marks, get set...

This weekend was spent doing a whole lot of relaxing.
Hanret took me to my first ‘real’ ballet on Friday evening. We watched ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Absolutely beautiful!

We had a pretty busy Saturday morning. Walking in the park with Hvir (The Greatest Dane in the world), some shopping, lunch with the girls and some riding around on my KLR.
DVD’s and loads of chocolate on Saturday evening.
And today…fiddling around on my blog whilst watching television. So please bear with me as we implement a few changes.

I somehow have this feeling that the coming week is going to be a busy one.
I want to start spending some time in a workshop so I can get to know my bike a little better. All the technical bits etc.
I also need to make an appointment for my license.
License and registration is currently being done on the bike. Should have all the paperwork by Thursday. Then after all the licensing has been sorted, I can start getting to work on Carnet de Passage papers, my international license, insurance and so forth.

I hope to start ordering all my gear within the next two weeks. And then my good friend Shayne Robinson and the guys at Cyberbike SA will be helping me with all the customization that needs to be done on my bike!

I haven’t decided on a launch date yet. I will do so within the coming week.

I can, however, announce that I will be launching from Cape Agulhas.

Making great progress!!! :)

Thank you to each and every individual who plays such a crucial part in my reaching my goals! 

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