Thursday, 20 October 2011

Luna Found!!!

Believe it or not, Luna has been found!!! Along with, what sounds like, all of my gear! I think I’m still in a bit of shock.

I received the news from the Minister of Local Government on Monday evening. Since then the news has spread like wildfire and friends from all over Angola have been texting, phoning and mailing me to make sure I’ve received the wonderful news!

It truly is amazing! I am unbelievably impressed with the Angolan Police Force. Their determination is really something to admire. Huge respect goes out to them!

From what I understand, they found Luna and, by the sound of things, all my gear (someone commented on the fact that one of my panniers even still had a sausage in it!), not too far from where I was robbed! Unbelievable!

Now, answers to questions I know will immediately arise from your reading this post:
1. Have I changed my mind about starting over on a motorcycle? No. All goes ahead as planned. I am still starting over on a motorcycle.
2. What about Luna? Luna and my gear will be returned to me. Details on the how and when is currently being sorted out.

I cannot express just how amazed I am that they actually found my Luna!! I would like to send out an enormous thank you to the Angolan Police Force and all my Angolan friends for all their ongoing support and belief in me. I am extremely honoured!

Angola Rocks!!!!

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