Monday, 17 October 2011

Week 42 - Already??

It’s the beginning of week number 42 of the year 2011. How time flies! It’s amazing. I really can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner, yet again!

Initially, when I got back home from Angola I had planned on re-launching in November. Now, with all the planning, gearing up, training and paperwork that is yet to be finalized I’ve had to make peace with the fact that I won’t be able to leave so soon!

So we’re probably looking at an early 2012 start. Starting in January next year should give me enough time to finalize everything needed for the trip. In all honesty, I had initially planned not to announce my departure date. Reason being that I didn’t want a fuss. But I now realize that there are quite a few people that might want to ride with me the first day. I’m sure that it will be great fun. Therefore, I will announce my departure date well in advance for those who might want to join me for a day or two. Or even just a few kilometers on launch day.

Tomorrow I am going for my motorbike driver’s license. I have my learner’s license and can ride around with it, but do need my license of course. So here’s holding thumbs that I pass first time round. Have also received Nova’s license and registration papers and number plate, which mean that she is now officially mine!

Nova and I are getting to be quite comfortable with one another. Since our fall, neither of us is as nervous anymore. (Yes, my bike has feelings. She’s a girl, of course she has feelings!)

I am hoping to ride down to Richards Bay this coming weekend to visit my dad and my brother. Plus this will give Nova and I a chance to take a turn at the open road. And I need the mileage as I have to put 1 000 kilometers on the clock so she can go in for her first check-up.

Some exciting news: I will be attending the FIM-Africa Congress next month in Cape Town. Really exciting! I’ll get to meet all the delegates from other African countries and the governing body, as well as give a short presentation on my upcoming ‘new adventure’. I’ll be riding down to Cape Town as well! Yay! (FIM = Federation Internationale Motocylisme)

There’s also a new website in the woodworks. I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop on progress.

Only 11 more weeks left in 2011. Make them count!

Nova's new ID number!!!!

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