Monday, 13 June 2011

Angolan Visa Update

Since I've arrived home Hanret has been spoiling me a great deal!
I had a champagne brunch on Sunday with my two closest, bestest friends. Hanret and Elise. Sunday evening Hanret and I went to the opening of the show, "Jesus Christ Superstar" at the Teatro in Monte Casino. Hanret's been cooking all my favorite food! Pork chops, Lamb shanks, Oxtail!!! YUM!! :-))

Yum Yum - Lamb Shank!!!

Oxtail with mashed potato and salad!!

I would be lying if I said that I don't enjoy being home. Of course I enjoy being home!!! The open road is beckoning though!! But it's not like that would make any difference to the Angolan Embassy!

I went to the Angolan Embassy in Pretoria this morning. A good friend of mine and fellow adventurer, Shayne Robinson, was so kind to give me a lift! First, when we got there, the security guard nearly had a cardial infarction because we drove in at the gate!! (ooops. LoL)
Then they informed me that the Embassy is only open for visa applications on Mondays and Tuesdays. (Lesson #64839387293867: Ask specific questions when dealing with any institution that has even the slightest connection to any kind of government). I phoned yesterday to double check on their office hours. They did tell me what their office hours are but neglected to tell me that I can only apply for my visa on Mondays and Tuesdays. My own fault as well...I should be more specific!!!

Upon my return to South Africa I was told that the Angolan Consulate in Johannesburg had closed down. I phoned the number I was given, just to double check. The answer on the other side: "Roman's can we help you"? Wahahahahaha!!! "Can I have a four seasons with extra cheese and an Angolan visa on it"???? :-))

Today, at the Embassy, I was informed that the Consulate had NOT closed down. "Do you have a number for them", I asked. "No, sorry". (But of course you don't).
It took me having to phone the Angolan Embassy in Cape Town to get the number for the Angolan Consulate in Johannesburg!!! So I eventually do get hold of the Consulate and quadruple check on what their requirements are. Everything is pretty much the same, BUT, "all your documentation needs to be in portuguese". Oh and you need proof of returning flight ticket. "Ummmm...and if I'm not flying"? I ask. "Then your vehicles registration documentation etc".
"And if I'm cycling"? - At this point I had to take the phone away from my ear because the exclamation and laughter that followed got quite hectic! Then I could hear the whole office in the background chipping in.

After they all eventually managed to calm themselves down to a mild panic, the woman came back to me and said that I would need a letter stating my mission...and that also needs to be in Portuguese.

What this all means is that I have to get my new friends in Angola to edit my letters of invitation. (I have 2). They are both in Portuguese, but now I have to have them faxed to a different address altogether. All my other letters have to be translated into Portuguese. (This is currently being done). And then hopefully I can go to the consulate either tomorrow or latest Friday. And then we'll try AGAIN!!

A few people have asked what I plan on doing regarding the countries that still lie ahead? Well, that's my focus whilst in South Africa right now. In the meantime, I'm having all my documentation done in English, Portuguese, French...and if I can find someone to help me, Arabic as well...just for good measure!!!!

Current documentation.

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Rob said...

Hey Jo, whilst you are back in za can I shout for a bottle of Slime to fix your repeated puncture problem? I'll happily paypal you the cash if you can pick up a bottle from one of the local bike shops... Or if you can point me at one of the shops I can try calling to pre-pay it for you. I hate the daily upturned bike photos :(
Rob (, UK).

Jolandie Rust said...

Haha. Thanks Rob! As crazy as it may sound, I prefer to go without slime. It's just a personal preference. Thank you so much for the sweet offer though. :) I'll just post less pics of Luna with her legs up in the air! LoL

Ajay said...

Howzit Rust, Great to hear about/from you. Was chating to Anto just yesterday wondering where you are and what you been up to.
Great Stuff!!! Here's all the good luck you need!\Ajay