Friday, 03 June 2011

Life in Windhoek

I arrived in Windhoek almost a week ago, as you all know. The weekend was spent meeting some of Ray's (my host in Namibia) friends, getting in some rest and catching up on some more mundane duties like doing washing. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I really launched into setting up everything I want to do whilst in town. My first port of call of course being the Angolan embassy!!

I hovered into the embassy on positive thoughts and a Yoda-like attitude as to what needs to be done. "Apply for my visa I will. Give it to me you must". Squash me like a bug, they did! LoL!! I was told that I need to have insurance (which my non-existent budget just doesn't allow), and a letter of invitation.

Okidoki. So my focus then turned on obtaining at letter of invitation. I then had to leave my visa hunt to get to my first live radio interview in Namibia. Had a wonderful time in studio with a lively team at RadioWave!

Thereafter I had a meeting with a potential sponsor and then off to Cycletec to see if we could organise some TLC for Luna! Busy day!!

Tuesday I was off with map in hand, negotiating my way through the city center on Luna on route to an interview with The Namibian.

I had another interview lined up for the afternoon and met up with George, the Namibian country coordinator for Iduka. My interview got postponed and I dropped Luna off at Cycletec for a service.

In between all of this Ray, was on his phone, ringing up all his friends and friends of friends who might have friends in Angola who might be able to help!! :-))

Wednesday was a VERY productive day!! Up and going early with my first meeting with Dixon Norval at First National Bank. (If you've read Riaan's book, you'll know who he is!) Some quick brain storming with the marketing team resulted in some sponsorship from FNB! Woohoo! I can now breathe a bit! In return I will be giving motivational talks at 10 primary schools on route! Awesome! :-)

From there I spent some time in town and even donated blood at a local shopping centre! Quickly ran into an internet café and then off to Cycletec to pick Luna up and get to my interview with Republikein newspaper.

Interview and photos with FNB representatives done, it was off to Namibia Breweries for a meeting with their marketing team! (I will have to wait until next week to divulge news resulting of this meeting)!!

And last night I had dinner at the beautiful River Crossing resort with the social responsibility manager of Desert Star. A great evening, good meal and new friends made!!

I will be back at the embassy this morning pursuing my elusive visa. Last night though, I made us spaghetti bolognaise and played a board game with new friends. :-)

The Namibian getting ready to distribute around Windhoek...

...the story about a woman on a bicycle!!

Windhoek skyscrapers...

...and a Windhoek street market!

Tokkie en Ziggie from Cycletec giving Luna some loving attention!

Finding time in a busy day to donate blood!

Dinner with Rochelle at the beautiful River Crossing resort

Meeting up with Caleb Thole, an Iduka volunteer from Malawi.

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