Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Look What I Got!!! :)

Yay!! Finally, it's here. My Angolan Visa. All bright and shiny in my passport!!

Now, the technical bit:
The woman who helped me at the Angolan Consulate made a little boo-boo. She had told me that I have 60 days in which to enter Angola with my visa and then from date of entry I have 30 days in the country.
Turns out I actually only have 30 days in which I need to cross into Angola.
This might sound like ample time, but here's the snag...

Because I am now applying for my Congo and DRC visas in Pretoria, it's becoming a hectic time game. Processing time for both can be anything between a week and two weeks. Then, once I have those two visas I have to hop on a plane back to Windhoek. I then have, maybe two weeks, to enter into Angola. The longer the visa processing takes, the less time I have to make it to the border, the harder I will have to push.
Problem is: I don't have letters of invitation for either Congo or DRC. Friends are chatting to friends who might have friends in either of these countries and who might be willing to help. I'm trying to track down anybody/company in both countries, even through social networking. But I am really pressured for time.

So if anybody out there maybe has a friend/ knows someone in either or both countries who'd be willing to help, please let me know!!! Thank you!

The next leg is going to be one heck of a ride!!! :)


mlhandrews said...

Hey Jolandie

have you checked out couchsurfing.org? Dunno if there's anyone on it from Congo or DRC but it could be worth a look - basically its a network for travellers and I highly recommend it.. Maybe you can find someone to send you an invite, a couch to sleep on, or even just meet people on the way!

Good luck :-)

Jolandie Rust said...

Good idea!! I am on couchsurfing, will get on it immediately. Thanks so much!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, how about trying to make contact with those SA guys from "Voet Spore". They have travelled that area several times, also all they way down the western side of Africa from Egypt to Cape Town not too long ago. Perhaps they have some contacts. Try contacting the SABC for details to contact those guys. Good luck, Twenty Eight.

Anonymous said...

A person from Congo just friended me on FaceBook and am sharing your info with him, as he is very interested!