Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Like a kid on Christmas eve!

I love it when a plan comes together. Things are now starting to move along and I LOVE it!!! :)

Being a little more active always helps as well. I’ve decided that I’ve had enough loafing now and need to get moving again, in more ways than one.

Since Luna has gone gallivanting somewhere up North without me, I am now getting into swimming, walking and rowing. Just to keep the joints well lubricated. Hanret and I had our second swimming session this morning. Swimming is very different from cycling… that’s for sure! :)

I also had to write my learner’s license test for my motorbike license yesterday morning. I am happy to report that I passed with ease. Thank goodness!! Although the whole process did take 4 hours!!

Now the real fun begins!! Shopping!! **Grin** Bike, gear, clothing, gadgets… I feel like a kid on Christmas eve! So much fun!!

AND…I have finally decided on which bike I’ll be taking. You’ll have to wait a little longer for the big unveiling, I’m afraid. I should have her within the next two weeks. Then I’ll introduce her to you all!

Now, I have to book for my motorbike driver’s license. I have to sort out my visas… again! I have to sort out Carnet papers for the bike. International license, once I have my driver’s license. Insurance. Order gear. Go for advanced driving course. (Especially playing in sand.) Spend some time in a workshop so I can get to know the ins and outs on my bike. And then… we’re good to go.

Africa, here I come. Again!!! LoL

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