Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Another windy day in Africa!!

The head wind AGAIN, but some cool refreshment!!

Today’s hearty, healthy lunch!

How awesome?! Coffee from a REAL cup and a REAL saucer.

And just look at this: a real, real bath!! Yay!!

And nice, comfortable accommodation!

Today’s distance!

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Nev said...

Not bad in that wind! Must have been head down hey... Trust you have a better day tomorrow. Remember another day it will be at your back and then it will be pay back time!...:-)

Harry said...

Head down in the wind and headup in your mind and heart.
I hope my sail on my Velomobile will pull me good agains the headwind. Lokk the Photos in my Facebook letsgoharry and on my website
God bless your trip

Rob said...

The Coffee and bath look like you've found the 'Big Smoke'! Keep it up into the wind :)