Saturday, 14 May 2011

Cape Town to Springbok - Done Twice!!!

I have now covered the stretch of road between Cape Town and Springbok on the N7 twice in the last year and half! The first milestone on my journey reached succesfully! And I am now only 2 days away from crossing my first border! Yeeehaaa.

What a week I've had! I even got to meet up with some friends along the way! On my way to Garies, my friends Elise and Hanret had told me that all accommodation in Garies was fully booked, but that there are a whole group of cyclists setting up camp in town. So as soon as I got into town, I headed directly for them!

First thing I noticed on entering the camping grounds was about 40 odd tents set up, about 50 bicycles standing around and around the same number in people. As I approached them someone called out: "self supported coming in".

And I only then noticed the signage on the trucks - 'Tour d'Afrique'! I had run into the Tour d'Afrique group! And I actually know someone in the group! So while everyone stood checking out Luna, I went about finding fellow South African André Ormond.

They welcomed me into the group, fed me and that night I slept among them as one of them! I found it interesting how I met up with them at a time where they were at the end of their journey, and I but at the start of mine! :-)

10 May 2011: Meeting Andre Ormond (Tour d'Afrique cyclist) in Garies.

10 May 2011: The Tour d'Afrique support truck

From Garies to Kamieskroon you just climb seemingly endless hills all day! It made me remember why last time round I felt like Namaqualand was trying to keep me out!

11 May 2011: Arriving in Kamieskroon

The stretch to Springbok remains one of my favorites! The harsh beauty of the mountainous surroundings. You can lose yourself here!

Though this time round I experienced one of the toughest days I've ever had on the road! At one stage it felt like I might actually faint next to the road. I couldn't even stay on the bike and had to resort to pushing Luna along.

Tomorrow I head to Steinkopf and then on Monday I wave farewell to my South Africa! Not to be seen again untill I return in about 2 and half years!

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mlhandrews said...

Sounds like fun! Good luck for the next round :-)

Walter Pike said...

Great work, I know that area well, well I worked as a district manager for Ford Motor Company in the early 80s that was my district - Joubertina to Springbok, and the entire Boland, great part of the world - lovely people.

Good luck on the next leg.

Joe Viljoen said...

Well done - I am following your movements. Stay strong.