Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Record breaking day with the wind from behind!

Oats isn’t that bad, but THIS is still the very best way to start a day!

And a very, very happy dance that the head wind has swung into a tail wind!! A good day getting better!!

187km to go to a few rest days and the first visa application process!

A record breaking, astonishing 102.5km pedalled today!! A day that started out well ended on a very high note!

Home for the night!

The perfect supper to end a perfect day!!! Lol!!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, keep pedaling, new personal best records to break ahead, ahoy! ^^..Enjoying your posts, Brian in Korea

Anonymous said...

Looking good Jolandie! There is a nice B&B in Rehoboth on the other side of town... Just cycle through till the end and you'll see signs on your left. It's a Namibian lady married to a German... slightly eccentric but worth it! Enjoy! Rick

Antoinette said...

the joys of pedaling: One can & just about should eat anything. Firstly those calories are burnt up a hectic rates and one needs those extra calories to do those distances. What an awesome win-win situation!